News • May 31, 2022

CBU TV focuses training on news broadcast

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Riverside, Calif. (May 31, 2022) – Ignacio Dominguez, a journalism and new media junior at California Baptist University, joined CBU TV to improve his broadcasting abilities and to create Spanish segments for Lancers Noticias.

“Initially, it was challenging putting stories together and understanding how to capture everything I wanted correctly,” Dominguez said. “With time it became something so natural that instead of seeing it as work, I would begin looking forward to doing it every day—looking for stories, speaking to people and learning along the way.”

For students who are interested in pursuing a career in broadcast journalism, CBU TV provides hands-on experience. Part of Lancer Media Group, CBU TV gives students training in front of and behind the camera as they create and produce a news broadcast.

Students write, edit, design, shoot and produce the stories, building their portfolio and gaining knowledge while sharing news with their peers. 

The broadcast stories cover news, sports and features on CBU’s campus and in the local community. Many segments are also filmed in Spanish for Lancers Noticias.

Dr. Victoria Brodie, department chair of communication arts, said CBU TV is a blessing to have as part of the Lancer Media Group. Since its inception in 2019, the program has gained notoriety on and off campus, with more students eager to join and increased views of its broadcast videos.

“CBU TV has produced excellent work that has been noticed by professionals in the field. With their broad scope of programming and dual-language approach, this outlet serves our students and region well,” Brodie said.

Dr. Mary Ann Pearson, interim director of Lancer Media Group, said video has become an in-demand element of communicating.

“Learning to record, edit the video and be the face in front of the camera is a really important skill set,” Pearson said.

They also learn how to hold a microphone, how to maintain eye contact and what to do with their hands.

“Those are learned skills, sometimes by trial and error,” Pearson said. 

Every week students gather in the newsroom in the James Building to plan and execute story ideas for the monthly shows. Many segments are filmed in the field to give students a glimpse of reporting in the real world. The on-campus studio newsroom is complete with a news desk surrounded by audio-visual equipment and a teleprompter. In the post-production room, students compile clips from the studio and field shots to create the broadcast. Once the show is approved, it is then uploaded to YouTube. 

Because of his work with CBU TV, Dominguez has been approached by several news outlets who are interested in hiring him after he graduates.

“I would love to work for a national Spanish network and continue emphasizing the need for more Latinos in the media, telling stories of underrepresented communities and informing them,” Dominguez said.

Enthusiastic about the world of sports, Wyatt Mitchison (’22) was excited to share stories from CBU Athletics during his four years working with Lancer Media Group.

“You need to be on your toes, and you need to be ready to leave the script,” Mitchison said. “CBU TV has given me four years of work experience, which is something that most college graduates cannot say.” 

To view CBU TV’s latest broadcasts, please visit this link.


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