News • June 13, 2018

CBU to offer two new science majors come fall

CBU to offer two new science majors come fall

Riverside, Calf. (June 12, 2018) – The College of Arts and Sciences at California Baptist University will add two new science degrees starting in the fall of 2018. CBU will offer Bachelor of Science degrees in biomedical sciences and forensic chemistry.

In total, the Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences within the College of Arts and Sciences offers 20 degree options.

Dr. Bruce Prins, department chair of biology at CBU, said the biomedical sciences program will prepare students for careers in biomedical areas while providing students with the pre-requisites needed to get into graduate programs such as medical, dental, veterinary or physician assistant.

The CBU program will emphasize human biology, pathobiology and pharmacology. Additionally, the program is tailored to include students with opportunities to engage in community service and leadership. Also, students will be able to engage in hands-on learning and collaborative research with faculty. 

“The department of biological sciences at CBU has a history of placing students into professional programs,” Prins said. “This program, with the help of faculty who work closely with students, should be a great next step in seeing students’ dreams fulfilled.”

The forensic chemistry major will prepare students to be competitive for employment in forensic science-related positions.  

The major will be interdisciplinary and include such courses as biological sciences, mathematical sciences, and history and government, said Dr. Tom Ferko, program director of chemistry and biochemistry and molecular biology at CBU.

“This major will help students get their foot in the door to a work in positions such as in a crime lab,” Ferko said. “Students also will have a strong background in criminal justice for those who want to pursue a law enforcement career or in the sciences if they want to pursue a career as an analytical chemist or other lab scientist. 

“The variety of careers that this major can lead into is a definite strength to the program,” Ferko said.

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