News • August 23, 2018

CBU summer commencement a family affair for the Armentrouts

CBU summer commencement a family affair for the Armentrouts(From left to right) Brooke, Janie and Briana Armentrout will participate in the summer Online and Professional Studies commencement ceremony at California Baptist University on Aug. 23.

Riverside, Calif. (Aug. 22, 2018) – Graduation is a milestone that family members of students celebrate with joy and enthusiasm. For three California Baptist University students, the summer Online and Professional Studies commencement will be extra special, as they will all walk together on Aug. 23. 

Janie Armentrout, administrative assistant to the president at CBU, and daughters Briana and Brooke are candidates for bachelor’s degrees. 

Janie and her oldest daughter, Briana, earned degrees through the Division of Online and Professional Studies (OPS). Brooke took classes on the main campus; however, she will walk in the OPS ceremony with her mom and sister. A third daughter, Britney, who serves in the U.S. Air Force, will be part of the crowd cheering them on. 

It was a long road for Janie to earn her degree. She started working as a young adult, then got married and raised her children. Three years ago she came to work at CBU in the Bonnie G. Metcalf School of Education. It was then that she saw an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

“I regretted never getting my degree,” Janie said. “I have always encouraged my children to continue their education. How could I not take the opportunity when it’s placed right in front of me?” 

Brooke said it was “really cool” when she learned her mom would attend college. The three women often had study sessions together, bouncing ideas off one another and munching on food.

Briana found inspiration when Janie started college. 

“When Mom went back, it changed my perspective on things,” Briana said. “Age is just a number. You’re never too old to accomplish things you missed out on when you were young.”

Janie looks forward to graduating with her daughters. 

“I’m thankful that I made it through. It does give a sense of accomplishment,” Janie said. “I’m super proud of them. It’s going to be one of those special times that not everybody gets to celebrate.” 

Brooke said watching Janie work and go to school made her work harder. Her mom would come home after working, eat a quick dinner and start doing homework. 

“I kind of felt like I have to do something because she’s doing it,” Brooke said. “It encouraged me to get on top of my homework and not procrastinate and really reach for what I want.” 

While Janie said she will not miss the homework, she will miss the camaraderie with her daughters. 

“We had something very much in common,” Janie said. “It was one of those ways to connect. Now we’ll just find something different.”  

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