News • March 24, 2021

CBU photography students benefit from program relocation

CBU photography students benefit from program relocation

Riverside, Calif. (March 24, 2021) – The photography program at California Baptist University has relocated to Adams Business Park, at the corner of Adams Street and Lincoln Avenue. 

CBU’s photography program started with a classroom in the James Building. It then expanded to a unit of warehouse space at Adams Business Park. That split the resources and people between the two locations and caused a disconnect in the program, said Christopher Kern, program lead of photography. Now everything can be found in adjoining warehouse units, B25 and B26. 

“It consolidates those resources and assets and creates a destination and mimics what is happening out in the industry,” Kern said. 

One unit is set up as a classroom, which includes a film scanner, 23 iMacs and 10 printers. Previously, the program had three printers. The additional printers will prevent a bottleneck when students need to print photos, Kern said. 

The other unit is set up for studio photography. It also includes an equipment room where students can check out cameras, lights and more. The bathroom has been converted into a darkroom, CBU’s first. Kern said film processing may be added to upper division curriculum. 

“Film is still being shot and developed, and it takes an institution like ours to keep it alive because there aren’t too many opportunities for people to practice this,” Kern said. “Everything we do in digital, even the terminology, is based on what we do in the darkroom.” 

Trevor Blount, a graphic design and visual experience junior, said he appreciates having the resources in one location. He also developed film for the first time in the darkroom. 

“I feel like everyone should try the darkroom. The process of shooting film is a lot different. It’s a lot more intentional with the way you shoot things,” Blount said. “With film you only get about 36 shots on roll. When I do that, I have to really think about every shot.” 

Kern wants to add a third unit that would be dedicated for a gallery. The space also could be used as a classroom and a bigger darkroom.   

“I want to create a destination for our students, but also for the community,” Kern said. “When we are able to do events again, we can put work on the walls and invite the photographic community, CBU community and the general public.” 

Camille Grochowski, a sophomore double majoring in photography and journalism and new media, said she likes the extra space and printers. More people can work at the same time, and she can get her work done faster. 

“I’m looking forward to just being able to create work and being able to have a place and the equipment to do it,” Grochowski said.

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