CBU online programs rank in top 50 by U.S. News & World Report

Riverside, Calif. (Feb 7, 2024) – California Baptist University ranked in various categories for online education in the latest national rankings released by U.S. News & World Report.

In the “Best Online Bachelor's in Psychology Programs” list, CBU claimed the No. 27 spot in the 2024 rankings.

This reflects CBU’s dedication to fostering an educational experience that blends rigorous academics with a Christian perspective, said Dr. Joshua Fuller, chair of the undergraduate psychology department.

“Our ranking signifies not just the quality of our program, but our commitment to preparing students for impactful careers through a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on research, ethical understanding and a deep exploration of human behavior,” Fuller said.  “We are proud to offer a program that not only meets the academic and spiritual needs of our students but also equips them to make a positive difference in the world.”

CBU claimed the No. 34 spot in the in the “Best Online Master's in Computer Information Technology Programs” list.

Dr. Brian Bovee, director of the Master of Science in Information Technology program, said achieving a position among the top 34 for a second year is a testament to CBU’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence, guided by the expertise and the faith of the faculty and staff.

“This program provides a well-rounded education that not only equips students with cutting-edge IT skills but also instills ethical principles and a sense of purpose. We believe in nurturing the whole person and our program reflects this holistic approach by integrating faith, ethics, and technology seamlessly,” Bovee said. “In serving our students, we also take pride in offering a flexible learning environment that accommodates diverse needs.”

CBU also earned the No. 69 spot for “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans.”

The ranking is a result of faculty and staff acknowledging veterans’ sacrifices and advocating for their journey back to civilian life, said Jay Villasenor, director of the Veterans Resource Center.

“CBU has a strong obligation to veterans and their families and recognizes the value veterans bring to our campus community,” Villasenor said. “It is CBU’s goal to ensure each veteran feels encouraged and able to grow experiences through that will equip them for the rest of their lives.”

CBU ranked No. 71 for “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs” and No. 84 for “Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs.”

CBU offers 574 fully online courses and 24 undergraduate majors, 14 master’s programs and four doctoral programs online. During the fall 2023 semester, more than 5,390 students took at least one class online and more than 2,669 students were enrolled 100 percent online. Additionally, students in nearly all 50 states and eight countries took CBU online classes.

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