News • March 15, 2017

CBU set to launch Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology program

Riverside, Calif. (March 15, 2017) – The School of Behavioral Sciences at California Baptist University is launching its Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (I-O Psychology) in the fall 2017.

Nathan Iverson, director of the I-O Psychology program, said the program is designed to equip individuals to shape the workplace.  

“At 40 hours a week, the majority of us will spend the majority of our lives at work. What if those hours could be even more meaningful?” asked Iverson. “What if the most productive version of our workplace has yet to be discovered?”

Upon graduation, students will be equipped to work in a number of areas including leadership development, employee engagement, human resources and talent management, Iverson said.

Industrial Psychology is the highest-paying field within psychology with a median wage of $77,350, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015). CBU’s program offers three unique differentiators. For one, there is a justice emphasis, where students will learn about their individual role in creating an ideal work environment. Additionally, CBU takes a global approach to understanding the diverse populations in the workforce. And the program also will take a practitioner approach that trains students for taking action, using a hybrid of statistics, business and psychology to move workers to their optimal performance across nonprofit, corporate and religious settings.

“We are attracting students who want to leave a legacy, who want to make a change in our workplace culture—leaders who want to leave a mark in their career field,” Iverson said. 

To learn more about the program click here.

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