News • April 19, 2021

CBU aviation spreading its wings with federal agencies

CBU aviation spreading its wings with federal agencies

Riverside, Calif. (April 16, 2021) – The Department of Aviation Science at California Baptist University recently made advancements with federal agencies that will help it better serve students.

First, the Federal Aviation Administration granted CBU its Air Agency Certificate as a part 141 school. To achieve this, CBU was required to have dedicated training facilities, flight instructor oversight, and FAA-approved course curriculum.

“It bodes to the excellence in the program because it’s a greater oversight by the FAA and represents over two years of hard work from many people,” said Dr. John Marselus, chair of the Department of Aviation Science.

CBU was granted provisional part 141 status in September 2020. After receiving provisional, schools need to have 10 check rides with an 80 percent pass rate within two years to move to full certification. CBU did it in under six months, Marselus said.

With the certification, CBU applied for restricted ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) approval, which allows college students to be employed by the airlines with 1,000 flight hours instead of 1,500 hours, Marselus said. Other advantages to becoming a part 141 school include allowing more hours to count in the aviation simulators, fewer hours required in the program, and accepting international students in the aviation program.

Additionally, CBU revamped its two aviation science degree programs—aviation flight and aviation management—and in January, the Department of Veterans Affairs granted approval for veterans pursuing these degrees to receive VA funds. Concentrations were created, including commercial, military, missionary and unmanned aerial systems in the aviation flight program, and aerospace technology, dispatch, flight operations, airport management and operations in the aviation management program.

“I look at what’s the job at the end, and then back it from there. I go to the military, the airlines, the missionary [aviation], and ask them, ‘What are you looking for?’” Marselus said regarding making program changes. “Then I ask, how can I develop a program that provides the professional aviators they seek?”

Finally, the FAA selected CBU for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Collegiate Training Initiative program. The program recognizes institutions that prepare students for careers in unmanned aircraft systems, known as drones. CBU offers a minor in aviation unmanned aerial systems.

The integration of drones into the national airspace system takes government, private enterprise and higher education working together, Marselus said.

“We’re now one of those institutions that is cooperating with the FAA,” Marselus said. “This is a way to get CBU in the game, and CBU becomes part of the solution.”

Marselus said all the changes and advancements allowed the department to do a culture shift with the students.

“This university has bought the students great airplanes, great simulators, and we have great flight instructors,” Marselus said. “We now have everything for them to succeed. We’re here and we’re going to help them, but I look at each of these young men and women and say, ‘It’s now up to you.’”

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