News • December 15, 2016

CBU architecture students showcase their work

CBU architecture students showcase their work

Riverside, Calif. (Dec. 15, 2016) – About 75 architecture students displayed their latest class projects at the Architecture Showcase on Dec. 14 at California Baptist University.

“The purpose of the event is to celebrate and exhibit the work from the fall semester architecture design studios,” said Caleb Walder, assistant professor of architecture. “It is an opportunity for all architecture students to share what they have been doing with their friends and family. It also gives the students a chance to observe and to learn from the work of the other classes.”

Walder said studio classes form the core of the architecture curriculum, and in these courses, students get to apply their knowledge and experience from other classes into design work.  

Courtney Mitchell, an architecture freshman, was enrolled in ARC 120: Design Communications during the fall semester.

“I came into the class not knowing anything really about architecture, not really understanding what architecture encompassed,” Mitchell said. She learned how to get information from house plans.

Kaylan Cummins, an architecture junior, learned about urban housing and development in ARC 310: Design Studio III.

“In the past, I’ve done more conceptual stuff, but this is the first real big building project that I’ve had,” Cummins said. “It was a good combination of the conceptual design that we’ve learned in the past few years as well as the realistic side of ‘how do you really build a building?’”

Cummins also noted that each student in her class had to design an Olympic Village for the 2024 Olympics, including a floor plan and model.

Cummins said she took the opportunity to invite her peers from different majors to attend the showcase so that they could learn about architecture.

“We love to have people come and see what we have been working on all semester,” Cummins said about the showcase.

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