News • June 03, 2021

CBU alumnus wins architecture award

CBU alumnus wins architecture award

Riverside, Calif. (June 3, 2021) – Joshua Greene (’19) decided to become an architect for two reasons. First, he wanted to follow the example of his aunt and uncle who are architects. Second, he was inspired by his church, St. Catherine of Alexandria, in Riverside.

“Going to my church, which is a very beautiful building, I was inspired simply to be in that space and see how that building raised my mind and my eyes to God,” Greene said.

Earlier this year, Greene received a 2020 Julia Morgan Award in the student category from the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Northern California Chapter.

“I was thrilled when I found out I won,” Greene said. “I was very excited to be recognized by this institute who does quality work. It’s amazing to see the lineup of the winners.”

His winning entry was part of the thesis project for his Master of Architecture degree at California Baptist University. The project was inspired by buildings such as the Mission Inn and many of Riverside's historic churches, including his own, Greene said. He designed a space for worship and outdoor courts where Christians could engage the community.

“The project looks at how a Catholic church in this particular time and place—Riverside, 21st century, in a post-modern suburban neighborhood—can realize this vision of the church as a temple that is bringing the universe into communion with God,” Greene said.

Dr. Matthew Niermann, associate dean of the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design, said the award is an honor for Greene and CBU.

“This recognition is a standing testament to Josh’s design talent, dedication to his craft and commitment to the Catholic church’s architectural language,” Niermann said. “This award also is an honor for the architecture program at CBU in that it recognizes our dedication and success in teaching principles of architectural design that can be successfully applied across a variety of styles.”

CBU taught him to compare architecture to music, Greene said.

“The architect is the conductor in a sense, bringing all the different instruments together to realize this final work. In architecture, there are all the different trades, all the different engineers, the client and those financing the project, and all of them need to be working in concert if you want to have the excellence of architecture,” Greene said.

Greene is a project designer for SGH Architects in Redlands. His work includes schools and public projects for the downtown area.

“CBU helped me find my purpose by fostering reflection as a part of studies, by encouraging me to ask the big questions about life, meaning and purpose, and then to apply them to my profession,” Greene said. “We know that God has a plan for the human race, for each of us individually, and CBU asks, how does our profession and the work that we do on a daily basis contribute to that plan?”

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