News • January 31, 2018

CBU alumni share leadership experience for seminar series

Alumni Panel at CBU

Riverside, Calif. (Jan. 30, 2018) – Four prominent alumni from California Baptist University shared their life experience and offered advice on leadership to students at the Leadership Seminar Series on Jan. 29.

The event, titled “How They Made It,” was hosted by the Bonnie G. Metcalf School of Education and moderated by Mike Bishop, director of the Career Center. The panel consisted of Daniel Bishop (’06), lead pastor at The Grove Community Church in Riverside; C.L. Lopez (’03, ’16), human services communication officer for San Bernardino County; Joshua Moss (’03, ‘06), director of CBU alumni and parent relations; and Michele Nissen (’15), city manager of Eastvale.

Moss said when he received a promotion as a school administrator in his twenties, he had to prove he was capable.

“It was about listening and working really hard and showing people I was here to support them. It wasn’t about me,” Moss said.

Lopez said when hiring, she looks for someone who is skilled, prepared for the interview but also shows a servant’s heart.

“We want to find somebody who has a humble spirit, who we know will be able to take directions,” Lopez said. “They also need to come in with a plan that shows what they would like to bring to the table.”

When asked how to help employees become more engaged in their work, Daniel Bishop said a leader needs to help workers feel valued.

“Everyone wants to make a difference and wants to know their life counts and their job counts,” Bishop said. “As a leader, [I try to] help them identify that what they’re doing counts and draw their attention to that. It’s a win for the organization and a win for them.”

Lopez said she seeks to identify employees’ strengths and then offers ways for them to grow.

“We focus on something positive we can build on,” Lopez said. “If there are weaknesses or opportunities for growth, we do everything we can to get them training and resources and mentoring, so they can make their weaknesses strengths.”

To land a dream job, advice from the panel members included seeking help, taking advantage of the resources at CBU, making connections and being persistent.

“Be true to who you are, what your passion is, what your calling is and what God has asked of you to do,” Moss said.

“Step out in faith. Stretch yourself beyond what you think you’re capable of doing,” Nissen said.

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