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CAVAD to offer five new majors starting in the fall

CAVAD to offer five new majors starting in the fall

Riverside, Calf. (June 26, 2018) – The College of Architecture Visual Arts and Design (CAVAD) at California Baptist University is adding three new design majors along with two artistic programs for the fall 2018 semester. CAVAD will offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in product design, production design, interior designillustration and art therapy.

As one of the largest Christian design colleges in the nation, CAVAD embraces a diverse spectrum of design-oriented disciplines, said Mark Roberson, dean of CAVAD.

In total, CAVAD has 18 program offerings.  

“Building on CAVAD’s foundation, the college is continually expanding our program offerings to ensure our students continue to receive the most innovative and comprehensive educational opportunities,” Roberson said. “CAVAD students will be taught through an interdisciplinary approach that offers unique and unlimited opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, and most importantly, a deep and well-rounded education.”

The new programs are taught by professional Christian instructors who, in many cases, are still working at the highest creative levels in their respective fields, Roberson said.

“Graduates of CAVAD will be able to demonstrate professional excellence with training that inspires a generation of servant leaders, who can live out a biblically based, ethical approach to their profession,” Roberson said. 

Product Design
Product design will prepare students interested in the design of physical objects—including commercial products, packaging, medical devices, transportation, electronic devices and more.  As a highly collaborative major, students will consider and integrate with engineering, psychology, social science, allied health, business and marketing concepts while considering the relationship between the built industry and humanity.

Learn more about the product design program here.

Production Design
Production design combines architecture, art, technical theatre arts and lighting design practices. The training received will equip students to create and implement designs for production environments including film, TV and theater. Additionally, there is a special concentration in worship design.

Learn more about the production design program here.

Interior Design
The interior design major develops students in the art of applying artistic principles and techniques to the professional planning, designing, equipping and furnishing of interior spaces. Students will be prepared to pursue a professional practice as an interior designer. 

Learn more about the interior design program here.

The illustration design major will develop the art of visual and conceptual storytelling that can be applied to creative jobs such as an animator, book illustrator, game designer, graphic novelist, medical illustrator, forensic artist, storyboard artist or art director. 

Learn more about the illustration program here.

Art Therapy
The CBU Art Therapy Program is a joint program between CAVAD and the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences that equips students for graduate work in art therapy or counseling.  

Learn more about the art therapy program here.

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