CAVAD academies give hands-on experience to creative high school students

Riverside, Calif. (July 18, 2022) – High school students from around Southern California participated in Summer Academies hosted by the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design (CAVAD) during July 11-15 at California Baptist University.

Students from 11 high schools attended the academies that focused on photography and architecture programs. Students received hands-on learning experience to help them grow their knowledge of the field, learn additional skills and travel to The Getty Museum in Los Angeles to see how art and design comes to life.

Christopher Kern, program lead of photography, said the academy provides students access to the tools and facilities needed to experiment and be creative.

“We build off of the students’ coursework at the high school level and we meet the students where they are technically, and introduce them to more complex ways of thinking,” Kern said. “We challenge their taste and expand their capabilities creatively and critically.”

True and Brave Bratcher are sisters from Riverside Springs Charter School and traveled from Walnut, Calif., to attend the academy. The pair said they were excited to learn more about photography.

“I think this academy will help me think more creatively and learn new techniques to take better photos,” Brave Bratcher said. 

The week also allowed participants to see life as a CBU student, said Krysten Burton, assistant professor of architecture.

“The academy gives students an opportunity to experience architecture school in a concentrated week to help them determine if this is a path of study they would like to pursue,” Burton said. “It also gives them an introduction to instruction, faculty, students and campus life at CBU. I hope the academy sparks a flame of curiosity to continue to learn, grow and design.”

Prior to attending CBU, Miguel Esparza, a photography junior, participated in a Summer Academy. He enjoyed it so much that he decided to enroll at CBU. He now works as a student studio manager, and he provides help during the Summer Academies. 

“I was yearning for a collaborative spirit and that’s what I saw here. Kern did a really good job at bringing everyone together,” Esparza said. “It’s really interesting to see that I was in the academy just a few years ago and now I have the opportunity to help them.” 

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