News • February 22, 2019

Career Expo brings job opportunities to CBU students

Career Expo brings job opportunities to CBU students

Riverside, Calif. (Feb. 20, 2019) –Tomas Perez approached the Spring Career Expo at California Baptist University on Feb. 20 as a learning experience. Before the event, the computer science sophomore had the Career Center critique his resume. He also researched and learned more about organizations that would be participating in the expo.

“I think it’s very beneficial to have this event on campus because it brings employers who are willing to look at potential candidates,” Perez said. “It brings them all here so it’s very easy for students to attend and get some experience speaking to employers.”

The Career Expo coordinated by the CBU Career Center featured nearly 100 commercial businesses, nonprofits and government agencies that were offering internship and job opportunities.

The event is a great way for students to connect with an employer, said Lisa Singer, associate director of employer relations in the Career Center.

“This is an outstanding opportunity to network and get their name and face in front of people,” Singer said. “It is a perfect atmosphere to practice professional communication with recruiters.”

Rio Guzman, a sociology junior, said it was a bit nerve-wracking to engage with potential employers at first but the experience grew easier as she continued the process.

“It’s nice that CBU is able to bring all the businesses and organizations to us because it makes it easier and accessible rather than having all go and find out them,” Guzman said. “It feels like they’re trying to enhance our experience here and make sure we get jobs with our degrees.”

Andrew Kotlewski, a mechanical engineering junior, secured an internship at the Fall Engineering Fair last semester. He stopped by the Career Expo to greet the company he will intern with this summer.

“Working with the Career Center prepared me for the event. Then I went and I got an internship,” Kotlewski recalled of his prior experience at the engineering fair.


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