News • February 23, 2023

Black History Month Q&A: Zakiya Glasco

Black History Month Q&A: Zakiya Glasco

Riverside, Calif. (Feb. 23, 2023) – This week, to celebrate Black History Month, we spoke with Zakiya Glasco, associate director for student success coaching at California Baptist University.

She shared with us that she celebrates and acknowledges Black history every day in her interactions with others and in her faith. She believes that is important to lead with love in everything we do.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black history for me happens every day. I am reminded daily of the accomplishments, trials, creativity and innovative ways that African Americans have achieved over time. I am a direct reflection of the tenacity, courage and faith that many before me have fought and died for.

Who has served as an inspiration to you?

My parents are my inspiration. They grew up in Alabama during the Jim Crow days and witnessed a lot of atrocities within their communities. Their high school did not become fully desegregated until 1968 (they graduated from high school in 1972). They both recalled that this was a stressful time to navigate high school. Although they grew up in these harsh conditions, they still managed to lead with love. They taught me that having faith in God and leading with love will always win.

Why is it important that we celebrate Black History Month?

I believe that celebrating Black History Month is important because it allows for public acknowledgement of the accomplishments and past tribulations of African American people. It is a time to reflect, learn and heal those past wrongdoings of racism and oppression. It is a time to cultivate reconciliation and to honor the achievements of African American men and women.

How do you live your purpose in your role at CBU?

I live my purpose by showing God’s love in my interactions with others. I work to cultivate reconciliation and a better understanding. I stand on the legacy of African Americans who gave their lives so that I can experience a better life. I want to continue that legacy of working toward a better life for those who will come after me.

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