News • October 15, 2014

CGE President Inspires Students To Use Skills In Foreign Nations

Dr. Carolyn Bishop

Riverside, Calif. (Oct. 15, 2014) -- Dr. Carolyn Bishop, president of Consortium for Global Education, was the featured speaker Oct. 13 at California Baptist University's College of Allied Health Distinguished Lecture Series. Bishop spoke on the topic "Impact of Education and Healthcare Initiatives in Strategic Nations."

"Your degrees can be significant not just here in America, but internationally as well," Bishop said. "What distinguishes us as an organization is we try to make everything we do successful, and we link that integration of international education, service and sharing."

Bishop was elected president of the Consortium for Global Education in 2002. As president, she leads in supporting 241 international partnerships in more than 80 countries through 42 accredited American colleges and universities, including CBU.

Bishop stressed the importance of building impactful partnerships overseas.

"Out of 27 years of experience, the Consortium for Global Education has learned a lot about having presidents, faculty and students working overseas,"  Bishop said. "We always try to build strategic relationships, we look for strategic locations around the world, and we make them inclusive so that it's valuable for the nationals. We always have a multiplication effect, and it is sustainable."

Bishop referenced the crises in the Middle East and spoke about how the sheer numbers of refugees fleeing the violence in their countries have created a "deplorable living environment" in refugee camps.

"We have challenged any small church effort to have a school in their church and get the kids out of these living conditions," she said.

Bishop gave more examples of  strategic partnerships in Haiti, China, North Korea, Cambodia and many other nations.

"It has been a pleasure to be a part of the Consortium for Global Education for 17 years and watch CBU grow," she said. "What you are doing here is a part of a whole, and this campus is involved not just here or statewide, but worldwide as well."

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