News • November 15, 2019

24 at CBU gives high school students a chance to spend a day as a Lancer

24 at CBU gives high school students a chance to spend a day as a Lancer

Riverside, Calif. (Nov. 14, 2019) – Alejandro Marroquin, a high school senior from Redondo Beach, California, visited California Baptist University for the first time on Nov. 13. He was excited to participate in a 24 at CBU event. Marroquin has dreams of becoming a nurse and CBU’s nursing program sparked his interest in the university. 

After experiencing 24 hours at CBU, Marroquin is sold on the university and has decided to become a Lancer.

“CBU has such a big community for all of the students to feel included,” Marroquin said. “There are so many awesome events that are held so it makes me excited to be a part of the campus community and partake in as many events as I can.”

24 at CBU offers high school students an opportunity to reside on campus for 24 hours. Participants are assigned to follow a current Lancer around to participate in social events and dining opportunities on the first day. On the second day, the prospective students had an opportunity to attend  a class or chapel, take a campus tour, and then speak with an admission counselors in addition to sit in on different information sessions. 

Elaine Contreras, a high school senior at Beaumont High School, said she attended the event to get a better understanding of what college life will look like. Contreras said the 24 at CBU event helped her understand the importance of finding a welcoming campus community.

“The most important aspect when coming to a new school is being open to meeting new people and learning how to adapt to a different environment than we are used to,” said Contreras, who has already been accepted to CBU.

Contreras said the event helped her to envision herself living on campus.  

“I am excited to be the first person in my family to attend college, then graduate from college and push on forward with life to see where it will lead me,” Contreras said.

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