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Registering for Labs

In this tutorial, we'll be looking specifically at how to add a lab science to your schedule. Some lab science classes require that the three unit lecture and the one unit lab be added to your schedule separately. We will look at this type first.

Adding a Lecture and Lab Separately
1. In Registration Entry start by clicking on "Search Criteria," entering in the lecture code, selecting "Open" and then clicking on "Execute Search."
Step 1 (GIF)

2. Then choose the section you would like to add and when you are back on the main page, click "Add."
Step 2 (GIF)

3. Now we will follow the same process to add the lab. Click "Search Criteria" and now enter in the lab code. The code for the lab is the same as the lecture, but with an "L" at the end. Select "Open," and click "Execute Search." 
Step 3 (GIF)


4. Then choose the lab section you would like, and then click "Add."   Step 4 (GIF)  
  Adding a Lecture and Lab Together
5. The other type of lab science class has the lecture and the lab together already and is worth four units. For a lab science like this, we will follow the same steps. Click "Search Criteria," enter in the class, select "Open" and then click "Execute Search."
Step 5 (GIF)

6. You'll notice that each section contains multiple lines of information. In order to easily read this information, only look at the first line of the section (the lecture times) and the last line of the section (the lab times). Ignore all the lines in between those. 
Step 6 (Image)

7. When you find a section with a lab time and lecture time you would like, select that section and click "Add" on the main page. 
Step 7 (GIF)

You have now successfully registered for your lab science class.  
  You may now continue to Part 3 - Housing.