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For your convenience, a professional Advisor has built a portion of your Fall 2015 schedule for you based on course need and availability. It is advised that you do not adjust the courses currently on your schedule as they have been hand-selected for you. Please use the instructions below to add at least one more course to your Fall 2015 schedule
. Be sure to register for enough courses to bring your unit total to at least 12 units. 12 is the minimum amount of units to be considered full-time. If you are not on planning on being a full-time student please contact an Academic Advisor to discuss being a part-time student.   Important: Some students have been preregistered for the maximum amount of units they are able to take this semester. This is appropriate for some majors. You can check how many units you are preregistered for by looking at your number of "Total Hours" on the Registration Entry page. You can learn how to find this number in the steps below. If this number matches the maximum amount of units you can take this semester according to your Admit Status (found at the top of your registration guide) you will not be able to register for another course this semester. Please contact Academic Advising if you have any questions.



Adding a Course
1. Login to InsideCBU and click on the "Academics" tab at the top of the page.   2. Now click on the "Course Registration" tab on the left   3. Then click on the "Register for Classes" link.
Steps 1-3 (GIF)

4. Before adding classes, be sure that your settings show the current semester and year. If you need to change it, click on "Set Options," select the proper information and click on "Submit Options."
Step 4 (GIF)

5. Now you can begin searching for you classes by clicking on "Search Criteria."   6. In the "Course" field, type in the class you would like to add. The class code contains only letters and numbers, no spaces or hyphens. We will use "ENG123"  as an example in the GIF below.   7. Now go to the "Section Status" and select "Open."   8. Click on "Execute Search."
Steps 5-8 (GIF)

NOTE: You can now see every open section of the course you searched. If you ever see a "View" button in the "Requirements" column, be sure to click on it. This will show you any special requirements you may need in order to add that particular section.

9. In the "Dates" column, you can see when the class begins and when it ends. We recommend only taking courses that go the full duration of the semester, but students can take up to one class that only meets for the first half of the semester and one that only meets for the second half. In the "Days" column, you can see which days of the week that class meets. "R" represents Thursday. Lastly you can see what time the class begins and what time it ends. 
Step 9 (Image)

10. Course Details:
  • ENG123 A is a semester long, in classroom, course.
  • ENG123 AE is a HYBRID course. Half online, half in person. Its is also E1 meaning that it meets for only the first 8 weeks of the semester. When ever a course takes up two lines like this is is likely a hybrid course.
  • ENG123 BE is an ONLINE course. E1 means that is during the first 8 weeks of the semester. 100% online. "TBA" in the Date and Time columns almost always indicates that this course will be online. First-time Freshman should not take this type of course.
  • ENG123 FE is an ONLINE course. E2 means that is during the last 8 weeks of the semester. 100% online. First-time Freshman should not take this type of course.
Step 10 (Image)

11. To register for a class: 
  • Click the bubble next to it
  • Click "Select"
  • Click "Add" on the next page
  • The class now appears in your schedule
Step 11 (GIF)

12. Once a class appears here in your schedule, it is saved and you are officially registered in the class. Always be sure to check the message above your schedule. It will notify why a course is not added if there is a problem. Also be sure to keep track of your total number of registered units, shown here as "Total Hours."
Step 12 (Image)

Swapping Courses
13. Once you have multiple classes in your schedule, you can use the "Swap" feature to exchange one class for another. Start by again clicking on "Search Criteria," entering the class, selecting "Open" and then clicking on "Execute Search." Then select the class section you would like. 
Step 13 (GIF)

14. Now on your main page, click on the bubble by the class you would like to remove and then click on "Swap." You'll notice that the old class is removed, the new class is added, and the message above confirms your action.   Step 14 (GIF)

Dropping a Course
15. Lastly if you would like to simply drop one of the courses from your schedule, just click on the bubble by that class and then click "Drop." The course is now removed from your schedule.
Step 15 (GIF)

We recommend that you check your schedule again one or two days before classes start as the room assignments can be subject to change.

If you have any questions please contact Academic Advising. Phone: 951-343-4567 Email: advising@calbaptist.edu  
  If you are considering adding a science lab course to your schedule you may continue to the "Registering for Labs" page.   If you are not adding a science lab course to your schedule you may continue to Part 3 - Housing.