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What is CBU's deadline for admission?

All international students should send an application and supporting documents to the International Admissions Office by the following dates:

  • Fall semester                              July 1
  • Spring semester                         November 1
  • Summer semester                      March 1 (graduate students only, select programs)

File completion deadlines for the graduate programs in Athletic Training and Nursing will vary from those listed above. Please visit the program website for specific deadline information: Athletic Training or Nursing. Graduate programs in Music and Business are not available for a summer semester start.

Does the University offer conditional admission?

Academically qualified applicants who do not meet our English proficiency requirements may be conditionally admitted and may enroll in the Intensive English Program (IEP) at CBU.

Must I take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)?

No, students are not required to take the TOEFL test prior to attending CBU, with the exception applicants to the graduate programs in Nursing and Athletic Training. The TOEFL is the most frequently submitted examination; however, other examinations, such as IELTS, may also be used.

Undergraduate program applicants whose native language is not English are required to demonstrate proficiency in English, which can be proved in any of the following ways:

  • Successful completion of CBU's Intensive English Program (IEP)
  • Official TOEFL score report of 71 IBT
  • Official IELTS score report of 5.5
  • Official SAT score report of 430 on the verbal section
  • Official ACT score report of 16 on the English section
  • Completion of 30 or more transferrable units from an accredited U.S. institution with a GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or above, including completion of the CBU course equivalent of English composition (ENG113)

Send your TOEFL score to CBU by visiting the TOEFL website: TOEFL. CBU's TOEFL Institution Code is 4094.

If I do not have a TOEFL score, can I enroll in the Intensive English Program (IEP) at CBU?

Students who do not submit a TOEFL score, or who do not meet the minimum score requirement, may enroll in IEP. Students applying to undergraduate and graduate programs (other than Nursing and Athletic Training) may be given conditional admission. Find more information about IEP.

Is the SAT or the ACT required for undergraduate admission?

No, it is not a requirement. Students who have taken SAT or ACT are encouraged to send their scores.

Is the GRE or GMAT required for graduate admission?

Depending on the graduate program and the student's academic grades, GRE may be required. GMAT is not required for the MBA program but is preferred.

I want to apply to CBU. What documents should I submit?

Click here for information on how to apply to CBU.

Should I send all of my admissions documents together or send them separately as they become available?

Sending all admissions documents together allows for faster processing. We do accept documents which are sent separately, but please note that we cannot process an application until all of the required documents have been received.

Does the University require official educational documents?

All application requirements including transcripts, letters of recommendation, test scores and bank statements must be official documents.  In addition, notarized or attested English translations of foreign transcripts are required.  Faxes, scanned documents or photocopies are not considered official and cannot be accepted for an application file.  Once submitted, all documents become the property of the University and cannot be returned.

I am currently finishing my final year of secondary school or university.  Do I have to wait until I finish the year to apply to CBU?

No, the University would prefer that you apply during your final year by sending a transcript which includes your mid-year grades/marks of your final year and courses in progress.  If you are admitted, your admission will be conditional until your final year grades/marks are received and reviewed by the International Admissions Office.  You may not be permitted to register for your first semester at CBU until your final transcript is received.

Can I receive credit for high scores on the AP exam or IB test results?

After you have been admitted to the University, you may request an evaluation. CBU requires that official test score reports be submitted to the university for evaluation. Photocopies of score reports will not be accepted. Please visit our Transfer Course Information page for details on the Examications transfer courses, including courses accepted for transfer and minimum score needed for transfer credit to be approved. Examinations: Transfer Course Information

Do you accept transfer students?

Yes, we do.

How many credit hours can I transfer from another university?

We evaluate transfer credit on a course by course basis. Transfer credit is given only for courses completed with a passing grade from a recognized, accredited educational institution.

Does the University require a specific form for recommendation letters?

The university does not have a recommendation form for traditional undergraduate applicants; these applicants can submit recommendation letters.

However, CBU has a recommendation form for graduate program applicants. Please complete the Graduate Program Recommendation Form. If applicants wish to provide a letter, in addition to the university form, they can do so.

Does the University have a specific form for the financial support documents or bank statements?

There is no specific form to complete; however, International Admissions requires an official, certified document such as a bank statement or letter verifying the amount of funds available for the student's education expenses.

 If someone other than yourself is providing your funds, please complete the additional Affidavit of Financial Support form.

What scholarships are available to international students?

Some scholarships are available. Applicants may be eligible for a Merit Scholarship provided that they have qualifying scores. Also, talent based scholarships (music, athletics, drama, etc.) may be available. For applicants who have significant needs, an International Financial Aid Form is available upon request (limited needs-based grants are available). Please contact the International Center for more information.

What forms of payment does the University accept?

CBU accepts cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover), as well as wire transfer payments.

How do I get a student visa?

When you have been granted full-acceptance to CBU and have shown financial documents proving that you have adequate resources to support your studies at CBU for at least one academic year, the International Admissions Office will issue you a Form I-20.  Through the SEVIS website, you must pay your SEVIS fee and schedule an appointment for your student visa interview (for most countries). Students will be asked to bring documentation with them to the interview, such as the Form I-20, acceptance letter, financial documents, and a valid passport to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over your place of permanent residence and apply for a student visa.

What is SEVIS?

SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) is a government, computerized system that maintains data about foreign students and exchange visitors during their stay in the U.S.

SEVIS enables schools and program sponsors to transmit information and even notifications via the Internet to USCIS and the Department of State.  CBU is required to register students in SEVIS every semester.  For this reason, every student must register for a full course load every semester and CBU will register that student in SEVIS.

I entered the United States on a tourist visa.  Must I return home to apply for a student visa?

In most cases, a tourist visa cannot be changed to a student visa while you are in the United States.

What are my options for employment with a student visa?

F-1 students are allowed to work off-campus only if you have first received special authorization from USCIS.  Special Authorization is not needed for on-campus employment.   On-campus employment is limited to part-time (20 hours or less per week) during the fall and spring semesters.  On-campus employment may be full-time (up to 28 hours per week) during the summer and official school breaks.  When you work on-campus, you must maintain your full-time student status or your employment will become illegal.

More information may be found on USCIS International Students Employment Website.

What do I need to do after I have secured my F-1 visa?

You will need to complete and return the CBU Enrollment Confirmation Form which was included in your acceptance packet.

When should I arrive for class and is there a new student orientation?

For the Spring 2014 semester, students should arrive on campus between January 2nd and January 3rd. Students must arrive on campus for orientation no later than January 4th at 8 am.

I was admitted to CBU for the coming semester. Can somebody pick me up at the airport?

Yes, for the Spring 2014 semester we can arrange for an airport pick up from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on January 2nd and January 3rd.

If I am unable to enroll at CBU this semester, can I defer my admission to the next semester?

We understand that things may come up and keep you from enrolling, so you are able to defer admission.