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Spiritual Life 

You are busy and your life is full. Trying to juggle home, work, marriage, family and college is a challenge. The last thing you need is another item on your "To Do" list. However, there are times when you might need a little help, some advice, or just someone who can listen to and pray with you. That's why the Office of Spiritual Life is here, to support you as you navigate life and college. Feel free to call on anyone from the Office of Spiritual Life at any time. If you are interested in visiting the Knuppe Prayer Chapel, contact Brian Zunigha at bzunigha@calbaptist.edu. For information about receiving pastoral care, contact Monee Tyler at mtyler@calbaptist.edu. If you would like to receive chapel podcasts or learn more about our compassion ministries, contact Brett Vowell at bvowell@calbaptist.edu, or if you are interested in receiving a Bible or spiritual growth materials, contact Sandy Reeves at sreeves@calbaptist.edu.


Card Services Office (Student ID Cards and Meal Plans) 

The University Card Services office issues student identification cards and also handles all meal plan requests. Students are issued one student ID card at no charge and may receive replacement cards for $10. Dependent ID cards are also available for your spouse and children. Students are expected to carry their ID card at all times and to present it to university officials upon request. University Card Services validates ID cards each semester (fall, spring and summer) by placing a validation sticker for the respective semester on the card. A CBU Standard Release Form must be signed and submitted when the student ID photo is taken. Meal plan participation is optional for graduate students, but may be obtained through the University Card Services office. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Campus Life Office at campuslife@calbaptist.edu or 951.343.4300. University Card Services is located in Yeager Center D115, across from Wanda's Cafe.


Career Center 

The Career Center is designed to assist students in their personal journey of career exploration and development, as well as their immediate employment needs while attending California Baptist University. Career Services regularly offers job and internship fairs as well as workshops on resume writing, job searching, interview skills, and business etiquette dinners. Students interested in career assistance should contact the Career Center at careercenter@calbaptist.edu or 951.343.5031. The Career Center is located in the School of Business, room 120.


Public Safety (Vehicle Permits)

CBU Safety Services is committed to providing high quality services to the University community and promoting a safe and secure environment that supports CBU's mission and philosophy. Public Safety provides twenty-four hour assistance to the campus community, and all areas of the campus are regularly patrolled.

Students who operate a vehicle on campus must register with Public Safety. Please fill out a Vehicle Permit Request Form if you plan on using your vehicle on campus. If you require personal assistance, you can contact Safety Services at publicsafety@calbaptist.edu or 951.343.4311. The Public Safety Office is in the Lancer Arms Complex in room 31.


Information and Technology Services 

Information and Technology Services provides service for all of your technology needs. If you have any problems with your school related technology or your student LancerMail account, please take a look at the Information and Technology FAQ to begin looking for answers. If you require personal assistance, please contact Information and Technology Services at itshelpdesk@calbaptist.edu or 951.343.4444. Information and Technology Services is located in James 160.


The Campus Store 

CBU's Campus Store is the place to go for your textbooks, academic supplies, technology, spiritual growth books, and your blue and gold Lancer apparel! The Campus Store is typically open Monday through Thursday 8am to 6pm and Fridays 8am to 5pm. If you have any questions, please contact Carol Bracey at cbracey@calbaptist.edu or 951.343.4259. The Campus Store is located in the first floor of the Yeager Center.


Community Life Office/Gameroom 

The Community Life Office plans and manages all campus activities, recreational sports, education programs, cultural programs and seminars. For a $50 activities fee, graduate students may purchase a variety of tickets at discounted rates. The Community Life Office is located with the Gameroom in Yeager Center D120.


Recreation Center and Aquatics Center 

The Recreation Center and Aquatics Center are both available to all students. The Recreation Center has an assortment of free weights, machine weights and cardiovascular equipment and is located in Lancer Plaza. The Aquatics Center is available for free swim to all students but is closed during athletic practices and competitions. The Aquatics Center is located in the southwest corner of the campus.

Mailroom (The Post) 

The Post serves as the campus mail center and offers postage stamps, Federal Express, U.P.S., and express mail service, in addition to sending U.S. mail, inter-office, and campus-resident mail. Graduate students who would like to receive mail on campus will be assigned a campus box upon request. The Post is located in Lancer Plaza.


Academic Success Center (ASC) 

The Academic Success Center offers workshops, tutoring, testing, peer mentoring, and study support services to all CBU students. The ASC also provides cost-free tutoring assistance for students by appointment during scheduled hours. 


Academic Computing 

The University offers access to computer labs and coursework in computer technology. Computer labs are located in the Annie Gabriel Library and in Yeager Center B114.


Disability Services 

Students who have qualified disabilities and wish to arrange the appropriate accommodations, in addition to the general academic support services coordinated by the Academic Resources Center, must complete and submit a Request for Accommodations form and provide recent (no older than three years) diagnostic test results. California Baptist University does not offer testing facilities to determine learning disabilities. More information is available in the Disability Services Office or you can contact Pamela Bailon at pbailon@calbaptist.edu or 951.343.4962.


International Students 

Dozens of countries are represented by our population of international students, who have come to California Baptist University for a variety of reasons. The International Center, located in room 42 of the Lancer Arms Complex, provides assistance and support to all international students. You can read more about our programs for international students here.

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is an instructor led program to improve reading, writing, oral and aural skills for any international students needing to advance their English proficiency. The Bridge program is also available for qualified international students to participate part-time in IEP and part-time in their academic program.If you have any questions, please contact Bryan Davis at bdavis@calbaptist.edu or 951.343.4721.

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