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Provost Faculty Committees

2009-10 Faculty Committees

Admissions & Retention Committee (as needed or at least once per semester)
Neilsen, Bates, Browning, Clifft, Dacus, A.Johnson, Lammons, M. Parker, Ronveaux, Rupard, Ward

Assessment Committee (monthly)
Jacobs, Boes, Chapman, Drummond, Emerson, Flores, Howard, Stumpf, Kodat, Lammons, Martinez, McHorney, Moore, Perez, Prins, Timmons, Tronti, X. Xu

Athletics Committee (as needed or at least one per semester)
M. Parker, Christie, Dacus, D. King, Pearson, one student

Chapel Committee (as needed or at least once per semester)
Montgomery, Lammons, Morgan, P. Miller, two students

Education Committee (as needed or at least once per semester)
Walters, Cockerham, DeVol, Heyman, Higley, Johnson, D. King, McGuire, Morris, Pankowski, D. Pearson, M. Pearson, Schafer, Veltman

Elementary Subject Matter Oversight
Shoup(Ed), Bideshi(Sci), Newton(Eng), J.Bonner(Mus), Davis-Hayes(His), Morris(Math), Short(Hum Dev), Sullivan(Kin), Brand(Mus), K. Miller(Perf Arts), Stokes(Beh Sci)

Evening College Council (as needed or at least once per semester)
J.Parker, Cate, Pearce, Renfro, Ronveaux, D.Walker, Ward

Faculty Appeals Committee (as needed)
Studer, Collins, N.Lewis, Lu, Luther, Simcoe, Namvar(alt)

Faculty Development Committee (as needed)
Mooney, Cleveland, Handojo, Kircher, Koo, Shoup

Faculty Senate (every 2nd & 4th Monday at 2:30 p.m.)
Studer(Pres), Buchholz(VP), Morris(Sec/Treas), Virgo Handojo(BEH), (BEH), Julianna Browning(BUS),  Aaron Christopher(BUS), Duncan Simcoe(CVA), Nona Cabral(EDU), Karin Johnson(EDU), Keith Hekman(ENJ), Elaine Ahumada(HPSCJ), Rusty Baker(KIN), Barry Parker(LIB), (MLL), (MLL), (MUS), Alex Chediak(NMS), Bruce Prins(NMS), Susan Nelson(NUR), Deborah Carter(NUR), Todd Bates(SCM), Richard Mobley(SCM)

Global Initiatives (once a month or at least once per semester)
Montgomery, G. Bonner, Crist, Donaldson, Herrity, Jacobs, J. Lewis, Milton, Stokes, White, Wilson

Graduate Curriculum Committee (as needed or at least once per semester)
J. Parker, G. Bonner, Collins, Crist, Emerson, Herrity, Jacobs, Kircher, Koning, Larsen, N. Lewis, Lu, MacDonald, McHorney, McNair, Milton, Newton, Ronveaux, Rupard, Stokes, Sullivan, Ward

Institutional Review Board (as needed or at least once per semester)
Cleveland, Bideshi, Donaldson, Fagan, Herrity, P.Miller, Morgan, Milton, Newton, M. Pearson, Skubik, Studer, Sullivan

Judicial Review Board (as needed)
Lammons, McHorney, D. Pearson, Ronveaux, Shoup, Stokes, Ward, Wilson, Montgomery(alt), A.Johnson(alt)

Library Committee (as needed or at least twice per semester)
Emerson, Brand, Brook, Cockerham, Huntley, K. Johnson, Skubik, one student

President's Advisory Council (once each semester)
Ellis, G. Bonner, Cleveland, Crist, Dacus, Donaldson, Herrity, Howe, Jacobs, Milton, J.Parker, Stokes, Studer, E. Walker, Ward, Wilson, Wyatt, Staff Advisory Council Chair and Vice-Chair

Promotion and Tenure Committee (as needed)
Buchholz, Fossett, Key, D. King, Luther, Namvar, Pearce

Provost's Council (Third Monday each month at 10 a.m.)
J. Parker, G. Bonner, Cleveland, Crist, Donaldson, Emerson, Herrity, Jacobs, Milton, Stokes, Studer, Ward, Wilson

Student (Academic) Appeals (as needed)
J. Parker, Higley, McCarthy, Nelson

Student Services Committee (as needed or at least once per semester)
Dacus, Chediak, Collins, Stumpf

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (as needed at least once per semester)
Parker, G. Bonner, Christie, Donaldson, Emerson, Hernandez, Jacobs, A. Johnson, Koning, Lu, McHorney, Milton, Pate, Rupard, Shoup, Stokes, Sullivan, Ward, Wilson

The chair of a committee is typically listed first (Promotion and Tenure Committee elects chair); the President is an ex officio member of all committees; the Provost is an ex officio member of all committees related to Academic Affairs.