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The Career Center is available to you whether you are TRAD, GRAD, OPS or an Alumnus. Let us help you discover your interests, select a major, find an internship, and/or full-time employment. We provide professional career advice and practical programming to assist you in your personal and career development. We encourage you to get to know us and allow us to be an integral part of your university experience!

Resources, assessments, and assistance to get you started.

Opportunities to attend Internship and Career Fairs, Employer Presentations, and Internship Info Sessions.

Assistance and information for researching and obtaining Internships (academic credit or non-academic credit), and jobs (part time and full time career-related).

Learn about our mission to become an integral part in your student(s) path to a successful career.

Contact Information

Phone: (951) 343-5031

Email: Careercenter@calbaptist.edu

Location: School of Business, Rm 120


Open 8AM - 5PM

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