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2015-2016 Major Planning Guides

The following Major Planning Guides are for students with a Catalog Year of 2015-2016. Please keep in mind that course offering times, prerequisites and department information may be modified in later catalog years.



Actuarial Science
Anthropology - Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology - Psychological Anthropology
Applied Statistical Analysis - Actuarial Science
Applied Statistical Analysis - Biostatistics
Applied Statistical Analysis - Chemical Analysis
Applied Statistical Analysis - Public Health
Applied Statistics - Global Development
Applied Statistics - Quantitative Business Modeling
Applied Theology
Architecture (Bachelor's)
Architecture (Master's)
Aviation Dispatch 
Aviation Flight
Aviation Management
Behavioral Science
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Biology - Environmental Science
Biology - General Biology
Biology - Pre-Medical
Biology - Secondary Biology Education
Business Administration - Entrepreneurship
Business Administration - Finance
Business Administration - International Business
Business Administration - Management
Business Administration - Social Entrepreneurship
Chemistry - Advanced Studies in Chemistry
Chemistry - Environmental Science
Chemistry - Pre-Medical Chemistry
Chemistry - Secondary Chemistry Education
Christian Behavioral Science
Christian Studies - Apologetics
Christian Studies - Bible & Theology
Christian Studies - Biblical Languages
Christian Studies - Christian Ministry
Christian Studies - Faith and Culture
Christian Studies - Focus Leadership
Christian Studies - Global Justice
Christian Studies - Global Studies
Christian Studies - Pastoral Leadership
Christian Studies - Theology & Church History
Christian Studies - Theology & Philosophy
Christian Studies - Youth Ministry
Clinical Health Science
Communication Disorders
Communication Studies
Computer Science
Construction Management
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Studies
Engineering GE
Environmental Science
Exercise Science
Film Studies - Film Analysis
Film Studies - Film Production LAFSC
Film Studies - Film Production
Film Studies - Screenwriting
Foundational Mathematics (for students taking MAT343 and MAT443)
Foundational Mathematics (for students taking PHY214 and PHY224)
Global Community Science
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Graphic Design
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Mobile Design
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Photography
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Video & Animation
Graphic Design & Digital Media - Web Design
Health Science - General Studies
Health Science - Pre-Dental
Health Science - Pre-Medicine
Health Science - Pre-Pharmacy
Health Science - Pre-Physician Assistant
Healthcare Administration
Intercultural Studies - Global Justice
Intercultural Studies - Global Ministries
Intercultural Studies - TESOL
International Studies - Global Ministry
International Studies - International Business
International Studies - International Relations
Journalism & New Media - Broadcast Journalism
Journalism & New Media - Global Journalism
Journalism & New Media - Media Photography
Journalism & New Media - Public Relations
Journalism & New Media - Sports Journalism
Journalism & New Media - Writing & Publishing
Kinesiology - Physical Education
Kinesiology - Sports Management
Kinesiology - Sports Medicine
Leadership Studies
Mathematics - Advanced Studies in Mathematics
Mathematics - General Studies in Mathematics
Mathematics - Secondary Mathematics Education
Music Handbook
Music GE
Nutrition Food Sciences - Food Science Management
Nutrition Food Sciences - Nutrition Science
Photography - Commercial Photography
Photography - Fine Art Photography
Political Science - American Institutions & Processes
Political Science - International Relations
Political Science - Political Philosophy
Political Science - Pre-Law
Political Science - Public Administration
Public Health 
Public Relations - Integrated Marketing Communication
Public Relations - International Public Relations
Public Relations - Media Relations and Writing
Public Relations - New Media
Public Relations - Strategic Communication & Planning
Theatre - Design & Technical Theatre
Theatre - Performance
Visual Arts




Elementary Subject Matter - Anthropology
Elementary Subject Matter - Astronomy 
Elementary Subject Matter - English 
Elementary Subject Matter - Environmental Science 
Elementary Subject Matter - European History 
Elementary Subject Matter - Global Studies 
Elementary Subject Matter - Graphic Design 
Elementary Subject Matter - Honors
Elementary Subject Matter - Human Development & Diversity 
Elementary Subject Matter - Human Development-Early Childhood 
Elementary Subject Matter - Human Development- Life-Span
Elementary Subject Matter - Kinesiology 
Elementary Subject Matter - Mathematics 
Elementary Subject Matter - Music 
Elementary Subject Matter - Political Science 
Elementary Subject Matter - Spanish 
Elementary Subject Matter - Speech 
Elementary Subject Matter - Theater
Elementary Subject Matter - United States History
Elementary Subject Matter - Visual Arts 
Non Credential Program - Anthropology 
Non Credential Program - Astronomy 
Non Credential Program - English 
Non Credential Program - Environmental Science 
Non Credential Program - European History 
Non Credential Program - Global Studies
Non Credential Program - Graphic Design 
Non Credential Program - Honors 
Non Credential Program - Human Development & Diversity 
Non Credential Program - Human Development-Early Childhood 
Non Credential Program - Human Development-Life-Span 
Non Credential Program - Kinesiology 
Non Credential Program - Mathematics 
Non Credential Program - Music 
Non Credential Program - Political Science
Non Credential Program - Spanish
Non Credential Program - Speech 
Non Credential Program - United States History 
Non Credential Program - Visual Arts