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RIVERSIDE (Oct. 1, 2013) - California Baptist University's faculty and students will showcase their talents during the Long Night of Arts & Innovation, an event scheduled Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013 to demonstrate the city of Riverside's accomplishments in arts and sciences.

CBU is a sponsor of the event, which began in 2012. Inspired by a similar event in Riverside's sister city of Erlangen, Germany, the Long Night of Arts & Innovation will be held from 4 p.m. to midnight in locations across downtown Riverside.

CBU exhibits will include:

Dr. Matthew Rickard, associate professor of engineering – "Hidden Worlds: High Speed Imaging of Exciting Physical Phenomena in Engineering" and "Hidden Worlds Part 2: Super Resolution Digital Microscope Imaging in Engineering" reveal hidden phenomena occurring in microseconds that can only be seen with cutting-edge imaging technology.

Laurie Black, assistant professor of kinesiology, Dr. Jan Kodat, professor of kinesiology, and Dr. Sean Sullivan, chair of the department of kinesiology—"Smart Apps for Smart Living." Participants will interact with and learn about the effectiveness of smartphone and web-based applications to increase healthy eating and physical activity behaviors.

Dr. Anthony Donaldson, dean of the College of Engineering, and students –

  • "Leonardo da Vinci Machines," a display of several Da Vinci machines
  • "'Jolene' Hearing Protection," interactive demonstration with a mannequin that helps prevent  hearing loss by enacting sound level settings for your musical devices
  • "Robot Demonstration," an interactive demonstration with NAO robots
  • "Amazing World of 3D Printing," a demonstration of 3D printing in action

Dr. Mark Gordon, assistant professor of mechanical engineering— "3-D Sensing," a presentation that shows behind-the-scenes data collected by the Kinect for use with the Xbox.

Dr. Geneva Oaks, dean of the School of Nursing, Dayna Herrara and students—"The Art of Suspending Disbelief During Simulation Educational Experiences with Global Disaster Response" provides specific strategies in suspending belief, a key aspect of effective simulation educational experiences.

Dr. Nicole MacDonald, associate professor of kinesiology—"Concussion Testing in Athletic Training" covers the latest in concussion testing in sports today, including hands-on demonstrations.

Dr. Mark Roberson, dean of the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design, "CAVAD Exhibit," an exhibition of interdisciplinary work representing the four CAVAD programs (architecture, visual arts, graphic design and film).

Dr. Seung-Jae Kim, associate professor of engineering – "EMG: Using your Muscles to Control Technology" will demonstrate how humans communicate with or control existing technologies using muscles.

Dr. Jong-Wha Bai, assistant professor of engineering – "Smart Structures: Seismic Risk Monitoring Using a Wireless Sensor Network." Small-scale shaking table tests with building modes are used to demonstrate the structural behavior under base excitation.

Admission to the Long Night of Arts & Innovation is free and open to the public. For more information, including exhibit locations, visit their website at http://riversideca.gov/longnight/.