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RIVERSIDE (Oct. 11, 2013)—California Baptist University faculty and students demonstrated their work to Riverside residents who participated in the Long Night of Arts & Innovation last evening. CBU was represented at the event by the College of Engineering, the department of kinesiology, the School of Nursing and the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design.

"I've been to all the engineering booths," said David Lynley, an 8th grader who attended with his grandmother. "I came last year and was really fascinated by the robots, so I'm glad they're back this year. They're really a highlight for me."

The robot demonstration was only one of those offered. Other CBU presentations included high-speed imaging, apps for smart living, building with Legos, Leonard Da Vinci machines, hearing protection, 3D sensing, suspension of belief, concussion testing in athletic training, 3D printing, using muscle impulses to control technology and an art exhibit.

CBU was a sponsor of the event, which began in 2012. The Long Night of Arts & Innovation was inspired by a similar event in Riverside's sister city of Erlangen, Germany.