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CBU's Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

CBU'S M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) is designed for students who intend to pursue careers in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, manufacturing, medical devices, and robotics. It is also for mechanical engineers currently practicing in the field who desire additional training to expand their career opportunities and/or prepare them for doctoral research.

Students benefit from small classes taught by caring faculty with industrial experience. The courses are designed in cooperation with the professional community and delivered in a Christ honoring atmosphere.

MS programs in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering focus on in-depth training on the skillsets normally not covered in a typical undergraduate program due to the curriculum constraints. This includes theoretical training in certain specific areas of mechanical engineering, numerical analysis methods, and experimentation skills. The program will also infuse important problem solving skills commonly used in manufacturing, such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, and other Lean Manufacturing methods. Teamwork, communication skills, documentation practices, design methods and project management are also emphasized in the program.

The degree has the following four areas of focus:

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Agriculture Engineering

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