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2015 Parent Volunteer of the Year - Suzie Omori


Serving others runs in the family

When CBU welcomed Makenna Nishimoto as a freshman last Fall, we got so much more than a great student – we also got her mother. Suzie Omori has been named CBU’s Parent Volunteer of the Year for 2015, carrying on what has become a family tradition.

“When my sister and I were in high school, my mom was ‘the band mom,’” Suzie recalled. “ She volunteered all the time and everybody just gravitated around her. We saw her example and learned that that’s what we’re supposed to do. She instilled that in us.” Suzie’s sister is Kelly Omori, who was named Parent Volunteer of the Year in 2013.

In the short time Suzie has been a CBU parent, she has served as a Parent Advisor to prospective and new parents, and she has volunteered at numerous campus events including Orientation, Homecoming, Grandparents’ Day, Step Ahead, and Commencement. Whether it’s building a balloon arch, signing in attendees or cleaning up after the fun, Suzie has been a constant source of devoted service. “Jesus came to serve, not to be served,” Suzie said. “So if I need to wash people’s feet, by golly I’m going to get down there and wash people’s feet.”

For Suzie, serving others is a way of life. She volunteered throughout her daughter’s high school years at Mission Vista High School, and received the Volunteer of the Year Award in 2014. She also volunteers at North Coast Church in Vista. Each week, Suzie helps with junior high and high school services on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and she also serves as a greeter for 2nd and 3rd graders on Saturday nights two weeks per month.

So Suzie is no stranger to pitching in wherever needed, and is a proud member of the CBU volunteer group known as FAVE’s (Family and Alumni Volunteers Extraordinaire). “During the last Step Ahead, I wore my FAVE t-shirt,” Suzie said. “I walked around and told folks, you want this shirt – ask me how to get it.”

As it turns out, getting a FAVE t-shirt is as simple as saying, “I want to help.”
“We’re really trying to grow this group because the success of any organization depends largely on its volunteers,” Suzie said. “There’s not a lot of rocket science to it. If you have a moment, whatever you can do, just get out and do it. It’s easy to say, but sometimes it’s hard to do. So just start small, do one little thing.”

More and more folks are sporting their blue and gold FAVE t-shirts at CBU events, letting others know they are there to help and serve. “Anyone who wants to be a part of FAVE can,” Suzie said. “We have alumni, we have parents, grandparents. All you have to do is say, ‘I’m in.’”

If you are interested in becoming a FAVE CBU volunteer, please contact the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations at (951) 343-4439 or email alumni@calbaptist.edu.

Date:08/08/2015Written By:Alumni RelationsCategory:Alumni Stories