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Faculty Area of Scholarship

  • Dr. Karen Bradley
    • APRN Practice, Child Health Nursing, Health Care policy
  • Dr. Lisa Bursch
    • APRN Practice, Community Health, Nurse Managed Clinic, Access to Health Care
  • Dr. Casey Cole
    • APRN Practice, Hep B 
  • Dr. Susan Drummond
    • Qualitative Research, Parse Scholar, Gerontology
  • Dr. Frances Dunniway
    • APRN Practice, Disaster Nursing
  • Dr. Dayna Herrera
    • Educational Technology in Nursing; Interprofessional Education, Clinical Simulation, Healthcare Technology
  • Dr. Lorna Kendrick
    • Depression in Cardiovascular Disease, Ethnography, Participatory Research
  • Dr. Rebecca Meyer
    • Qualitative Research, Pediatric Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Palliative Care, Global Service Learning
  • Dr. Susan Nelson-Jetton
    • Preconception Health, Maternal-child Nursing, High-Risk Simulation
  • Dr. Geneva Oaks
    • Qualitative Research, Parse Scholar, Labor Support
  • Dr. Juliann Perdue
    • Complementary Medicine & Alternate Therapies, Animal Assisted Therapy