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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Though the preparation to become a highly qualified nurse is demanding, the practice of nursing is one of the most noble and rewarding callings that an individual can pursue. The need and opportunity for highly educated, skills nursing has never been greater.

Nursing is an excellent choice for men and women interested in a healthcare career. Projected by the U.S. Department of Labor as the fastest growing occupation in the economy, few other professions offer its range of opportunities, geographical mobility, and security. In fact, the U.S. Healthcare Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) estimates a shortage of several hundred thousand nurses by 2020, which should make the profession increasingly attractive.

The mission of the California Baptist University Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is to educate competent, responsible, caring, and professional nurses prepared from a Biblical worldview to serve locally, nationally and globally; revering the human dignity of all persons created in the image of God.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate competent, responsible practice guided by a theoretical perspective of nursing and science
  • Use scholarly inquiry from Christian, Behavioral, biological, physical, and medical sciences integrated with nursing science
  • Demonstrate nursing skills necessary for high competence at the entry-level in a variety of health care settings
  • Comprehend the dynamic and evolving changes in the healthcare systems
  • Articulate and demonstrate qualities consistent with a potential for leadership and admission to graduate nursing education

Pre-Nursing Studies

Nursing Degree (124 Units) BSN

Students must submit an application to the School of Nursing and be accepted to enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Coursework for credit toward the degree must be passed with a minimum grade of C or higher.

General Education Courses

The general education requirements will follow the curriculum set forth for other university degree programs. Some general education requirements will be met through specific nursing major requirements.

Lower Division Major Requirements

Recommended Foreign Language

Students must complete two semesters of the same college level foreign language.

Upper Division Major Requirements