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Marketing Minor

Minor in Marketing

Why should you Minor in Marketing?

Students majoring in other academic areas of the University have a need for marketing courses. Engineering, Music, Journalism, Kinesiology, and Psychology students, as well as many others, may see the Marketing minor as a valuable addition to their education and will help further their career goals. As an example, Kinesiology and Psychology Majors will need marketing knowledge to successfully open a private practice. Music majors need to market, promote, and sell their CD's in addition to promoting their career. Engineering students need marketing knowledge to promote and sell their new inventions and to obtain value from their patents. Even non-profit and church related organizations utilize marketing principles.

Marketing Minor (21 units)


Core Courses (15 Units)

Lower Division Requirements

BUS 101 Introduction to Business

Upper Division Requirements

MKT 333 Principles of Marketing

MKT 353 Integrated Marketing Communications

MKT 458 Consumer Behavior

MKT 463 Marketing Management

Upper Division Marketing Elective

Complete three (3) additional units from the following:

BUS 334 International Business

BUS 356 Business Communication

BUS 357 Small Business Management

MKT 313 Retailing and Merchandising

MKT 323 Marketing Research

MKT 443 Personal Selling and Sales Management

Core Courses

Lower Division Requirements

Upper Division Requirements

Upper Division Marketing Electives

Complete three (3) additional units from the following: