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Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

CBU's Marketing major is ideal for student who are interested in figuring out how consumers think, what they want, and how to bring products to market that satisfy consumer needs and wants? Individuals who are creative problem solvers and are able to persuasively communicate their ideas will enjoy the broad field of marketing. Majoring in marketing lays a solid foundation for students considering careers in sales, advertising, event promotions, or marketing research.

CBU marketing students receive a foundation in economics, finance, business law, international business, accounting, and—of course—marketing. The four-year marketing program is structured to provide a foundation of courses in

  • Sales
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing management
  • Marketing communications
  • Retailing

Our approach to the education process generates self-confident, productive business professionals who have the opportunity to work with other students on interesting team projects as well as perform actual marketing tasks in a business as part of a marketing internship. Upon graduation students will have performed and experienced many of the tasks required in a company's marketing department and will possess contemporary and practical marketing knowledge and skills applied with integrity in a constantly changing world.


Marketing Major (60 (units) BS

(See the proposed four year curriculum)

Lower Division Core Business Courses

ACC 250 Principles of Accounting I

ACC 251 Principles of Accounting II

BUS 101 Introduction to Business

BUS 217 Microeconomics

BUS 218 Macroeconomics

BUS 237 Management Based on Biblical Principles

CIS 270 Business IT Application

Upper Division Core Business Courses

BUS 303 Business Finance

BUS 315 Business Statistics

BUS 334 International Business

BUS 358 Business Law

BUS 463 Business and Organizational Management

BUS 485 Business Policy and Strategy

MKT 333 Principles of Marketing

Upper Division Marketing Courses

MKT 323 Marketing Research

MKT 353 Integrated Marketing Communications

MKT 458 Consumer Behavior

MKT 463 Marketing Management

Upper Division Marketing Elective Courses

Complete six (6) additional units in marketing from the following:

BUS 356 Business Communication

BUS 357 Small Business Management

BUS 444 International Marketing

BUS 491 Internship in Business

MKT 313 Retailing and Merchandising

MKT 443 Personal Selling and Sales Management


Learning Outside of the Classroom

The competitiveness of the program's coursework is enhanced by a variety of available value-added experiences. The Marketing Club, "Club M", plans special events and speakers, networking opportunities, and field trips. In addition, students bridge academic concepts with real working-world experience by interning at local and global businesses and enhance their skills for effective leadership in the global economy by studying in our two-week summer program at Oxford University, in England.

The School of Business professors bring practical, application-oriented instruction into the classroom to equip you to solve real-world challenges. The faculty members of the School have extensive experience and knowledge in their field of expertise and are able to translate the academic experience into practical and marketable business skills for each of our students.

Career Opportunities

Alumni of the Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business are executives at major national and international corporations, top government officials and successful entrepreneurs. Some of the highly respected firms that have actively recruited and hired our graduates include Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Shell Oil Corporation, Glaxo Smith Kline, Ford Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Fleetwood Enterprises, Bourns Incorporated, Ernst & Young, Eli Lilly and Pepsi Cola.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge and technical skills in the following nine (9) disciplines of business:
    • Accounting
    • Financial Management
    • Economics
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Business Law
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Business Communication
    • Information Management
  • Critical thinking skills regarding the nine (9) disciplines above, through listening, speaking, writing, reading, and presenting visually.
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills to a profession and the workplace regarding one or more of the nine (9) disciplines above.
  • Respect for cross-national and cross-cultural religious, traditional, aesthetic, and philosophical experiences and perspectives regarding the nine (9) disciplines above.
  • A personal and social ethic that integrates Biblical Christian faith with one or more of the nine (9) disciplines above.

Program Requirements

The program requires the completion of 60 units.

Upper Division Marketing Courses

Upper Division Marketing Elective Courses

Complete six (6) additional units from the following: