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Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Accounting majors at California Baptist University receive a foundation in economics, finance, business law, international business, business analysis, marketing and—of course—accounting. The accounting program is structured to develop students' potential for career advancement into the highest levels of professional accounting and is designed to allow them to complete your degree in four years. Not only does the accounting coursework provide the requisite formal and informal skills and knowledge for a successful career, it also provides the knowledge necessary to successfully complete the CPA and CMA exams.

Our approach to the education process generates self-confident, productive business professionals who have the opportunity to work with other students on interesting team projects as well as connect with local/regional accounting firms in an internship opportunity. Upon graduation students will have performed and experienced many of the tasks required in accounting positions and will possess contemporary and practical knowledge and skills applied with integrity in a constantly changing world.

Learning Outside of the Classroom

The competitiveness of the program's coursework is enhanced by a variety of available value-added experiences. The Accounting Society is a new club on campus for accounting majors. The goal of the club is not only a fun social experience with other like-minded people, but also to learn networking, recruiting, and business skills to be successful. In addition, students bridge academic concepts with real working-world experience by interning at local and global businesses and enhance their skills for effective leadership in the global economy by studying in our two-week summer program at Oxford University, in England.

The School of Business professors bring practical, application-oriented instruction into the classroom to equip you to solve real-world challenges. The faculty members of the School have extensive experience and knowledge in their field of expertise and are able to translate the academic experience into practical and marketable business skills for each of our students.

Career Opportunities

Accounting graduates are in very high demand both in public accounting and private industry. The success of our alumni indicates that you can achieve the career of your dreams with a degree in accounting from CBU. Some of the highly respected firms that have actively recruited and hired our graduates for accounting positions include Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Touche, Grant Thornton and several mid-sized regional CPA firms.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge and technical skills in the following nine (9) disciplines of business:
    • Accounting
    • Financial Management
    • Economics
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Business Law
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Business Communication
    • Information Management
  • Critical thinking skills regarding the nine (9) disciplines above, through listening, speaking, writing, reading, and presenting visually.
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills to a profession and the workplace regarding one or more of the nine (9) disciplines above.
  • Respect for cross-national and cross-cultural religious, traditional, aesthetic, and philosophical experiences and perspectives regarding the nine (9) disciplines above.
  • A personal and social ethic that integrates Biblical Christian faith with one or more of the nine (9) disciplines above.

Accounting Major (BSA) Program Requirements (66 units)

  • 18 units of lower division core courses
  • 24 units of upper division core courses
  • 24 units of upper division accounting courses

(See the proposed four year curriculum)

18 units of Lower Division Core Business Courses:

ACC 250 Principles of Accounting I

ACC 251 Principles of Accounting II

BUS 217 Microeconomics

BUS 218 Macroeconomics

BUS 237 Management Based on Biblical Principles

CIS 270 Business IT Application

27 units of Upper Division Core Business Courses:

BUS 303 Business Finance

BUS 315 Business Statistics

BUS 334 International Business

BUS 358 Business Law

BUS 440 Quantitative Business Analysis

BUS 463 Business & Organizational Management

BUS 485 Business Policy and Strategy

MKT 333 Principles of Marketing

24 units of Upper Division Accounting Courses:

ACC 310 Intermediate Accounting I

ACC 311 Intermediate Accounting II

ACC 320 Cost Accounting

ACC 330 Government and Non-Profit Accounting

ACC 410 Advanced Accounting

ACC 420 Accounting Information Systems

ACC 430 Federal Income Tax

ACC 470 Auditing

Program Requirements

The program requires completion of 66 units:

  • 18 units of lower division core courses 
  • 24 units of upper division core courses
  • 24 units of upper division accounting courses

Lower Division Core Business Courses

Upper Division Accounting Courses