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ENT462 - Entrepreneurial Behavior and Leadership

New course - Fall 2016

(HYBRID M)WF 1:15 – 2:15 pm

Taught by Dr. Andrew Herrity (aherrity@calbaptist.edu)

ENT462 Entrepreneurial Behavior and leadership:

  • Replaces BUS366 The Entrepreneur
    • In these concentrations in the Business major…
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Management
    • In the Entrepreneurship Minor
  • Counts as a "Business Elective"
  • General elective for students not in the School of Business
  • No prerequisite courses required

Part of the new major in Entrepreneurship 

In ENT462 Entrepreneurial Behavior and Leadership, students learn how to enhance their own leadership and other behaviors for successful entrepreneurship in any type of organization.  College graduates who behave and lead entrepreneurially are now sought by all sizes and types of employers, not just business startups.  Here are some of the behaviors students learn in the course…

  • How to develop your own idea network
  • What your ideal role is in the innovation process
  • How to develop the leadership behavior  that best enhances creativity in yourself and others
  • And much more….