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Course Requirements

Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry (36 units)

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Content Knowledge and Theories consistent with the standards of Christian counseling principles
    • Articulate knowledge of the Biblical understanding of people and relationships
      • Develop knowledge of the Bible as the primary source of Truth and understanding of reality
      • Understand the Biblical view of human development across the lifespan
      • Articulate the Biblical view of the origin, purpose, constitution, and practice of marriage, family, and parenting
      • Develop a holistic understanding of abnormality including biological, psychosocial, and spiritual categories and concepts
      • Articulate and apply a Biblical understanding of people, problems, and healing in relational contexts
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and practice of counseling ministry
      • Apply Biblical prescriptions for relationships within a local congregation that help people heal
      • Develop a relational approach to people helping within the local congregation
  • Critical thinking skills, analysis and synthesis of the research across the Christian Counseling literature
    • Think critically about Biblical Truth, people and relationships trough the use of analysis and synthesis for problem solving and the integration of evidence from diverse contexts
      • Compare and contrast Biblical concepts to understand personal experiences in human development across the lifespan and compare and contrast with other behavioral science frameworks
      • Compare and contrast the Biblical view of the origin, purpose, constitution, and practice of marriage, family, and parenting with other worldviews.
    • Use Biblical concepts to demonstrate critical thinking and understanding of abnormality as it applies in biological, psychosocial and spiritual concepts
      • Differentiate from the behavioral sciences and the Biblical prescriptions for relationships within a local congregation that helps people heal
  • Communication: speaking and writing skills; technology literacy and research skills consistent with the standards of Christian Counseling
    • Conduct and write a review that summarizes part of the Christian Counseling literature, applying fundamental strategies such as a thesis focus, an informative middle and an effective conclusion resulting from effective drafting, revising, and editing
    • Use and define terms and concepts of the discipline and applying them appropriately, showing a strong & direct link between concepts and assigned reading
    • Deliver effective oral presentations in a variety of communication settings, using standard diction of American English in a professional manner including dress and demeanor
    • Lead and participate effectively in group discussions, applying active listening skills and a respect for diverse views in interpersonal settings
    • Select the most appropriate sources and databases for accessing and obtaining the needed information. Examines and compares information from various sources in order to ascertain the reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness, and point of view or bias of a given source.
  • Integrity/values: academic integrity, discipline specific ethical issues; an understanding of ethics; respect for social diversity
  • Project management: team work skills; informed participation in multiple levels of community applying academic studies to the workplace and professional environments

Professional Ministry Concentration (14 additional units)*
Designed for the credentialed clergy who follow a more clinical approach within and beyond the local congregation.

Research Thesis Concentration (12 additional units)

Students choosing this concentration will complete the same core program but will focus on preparing to engage in direct research related to Professional and Ministry Counseling in the congregational context.

*CBS575 may be repeated with a change in topic for a maximum of fifteen units.  Six units are required under this concentration.