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Proposed Curriculum

The following is a list of the proposed curriculum for the Master of Science in Communication Disorders, pending accreditation approval from the Council on Academic Accreditation for Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (CAA).

Review this handout for complete course descriptions.

Core Course Requirements
CDS 500 Research Design and Methods
CDS 505 Articulation and Phonological Disorders
CDS 510 Clinical Practice and Contemporary Issues
CDS 515 Pediatric Language Disorders
CDS 520 Diagnostic Assessment Processes
CDS 525 Autism Spectrum Disorders
CDS 530 Neuroanatomy of Communication and Swallowing
CDS 535 Early Intervention
CDS 540 Acquired Neurogenic Language Disorders
CDS 543 Acquired Neurogenic Cognitive Communication Disorders
CDS 545 Augmentative and Alternative Communication
CDS 550 Disorders of Fluency
CDS 555 Speech Language Services in Public Schools
CDS 560 Multicultural and Multilingual Issues
CDS 565 Voice and Resonance Disorders
CDS 570 Motor Speech Disorders
CDS 575 Dysphagia
CDS 580 Counseling in Communication Disorders
CDS 590 Capstone
CDS 595 Praxis Review

Clinical Practicum Requirements
CDS 542 Clinical Practicum I
CDS 552 Clinical Practicum II
CDS 562 Clinical Practicum III
CDS 572 Clinical Practicum IV
CDS 582 Public School Practicum
CDS 592 Medical and Community Externship

Comprehensive Examination Requirements
CDS 551 Comprehensive Examination I
CDS 591 Comprehensive Examination II