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Master of Science in Software Engineering

As software continues to be integrated in every part of our daily lives, the technology industry needs creative and innovative minds to keep up with the demand of reliable software design, programming and management.

CBU's M.S. in Software Engineering is designed for students and software professionals who desire to add teamwork, methodology and advanced topics to their existing skills, within a Christian context. This program is ideal for those with undergraduate degrees in related fields who have, or wish to have, software as a major part of their career.

Students benefit from small classes and courses designed in cooperation with the professional community and a collegial atmosphere. Faculty with diverse, relevant professional experience use a combination of classroom, independent work and teamwork to guide students as they discover and develop the key principles of producing quality software. Each student will conduct a multi-semester project, in collaboration with an industrial or academic client, demonstrating their skills and producing a useful and practical deliverable.

The M.S. in Software Engineering curriculum provides students with the practical knowledge and skills required for design and development of large, critical software projects. Not only do students receive advanced study in these areas, in addition, the program equips students for further graduate study for roles in research and academia.

The curriculum has four components:

Graduate Engineering Fundamentals 
Prepares students for advanced study, critical thinking and understanding of the field of engineering from the perspective of the Christian worldview

Software Engineering Core 
Provides students with knowledge of the methods and processes used in modern software design and implementation

Allows exploration of advanced topics such as Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Mobile Systems and Image Processing

Project Courses 
Allows students to deeply explore a particular system or topic and to produce academically sound and demonstrable results

California Baptist University (CBU) believes each person has been created for a purpose. The MSSE program strives to help students understand and engage this purpose by providing a Christ-centered education. Graduates are challenged to become individuals whose skills, integrity and sense of purpose glorify God and distinguish them in the workplace and in the world. For more information, please complete the form on the right hand side of the page.

Program Enrollment and Degree Data

Quick Look

Length of Program: Four semesters, part time

Program Units: 36 units

Program Starts: Fall (September), Spring (January)

Priority Application Deadline: Fall-April 1, Spring-November 1

Standard Application Deadline: Fall-August 1, Spring-December 1

Tuition: $933 per unit, 2016-2017 academic year

General Fee: $355 per semester

Accreditation: WASC

Location: Riverside (main campus)

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