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Course Requirements

The Master's in applied mathematics degree program is tailored for students who wish to apply mathematical techniques to life and social sciences, with an emphasis on solving new problems in a rapidly changing world. Students will be academically prepared to 1) join and significantly contribute to a competitive work force or 2) pursue a PhD in mathematical sciences. Students will learn to seek solutions to world problems that are ingrained in a Christian-framed compassion for a world in desperate need for Christ.

Core Course Requirements (15 units)

MAT513 Ordinary Differential Equations MAT514 Partial Differential Equations MAT533 Complex Analysis MAT553 Numerical Analysis MAT563 Stochastic Processes

Application and Modeling Requirements (13 units)

MAT516 Math Biology MAT526 Linear Programming MAT576 Scientific Computing   STA544 Biostatistics in Public Health OR STA513 Applied Statistics

Research Requirements (4 units)

MAT590 Research in Applied Mathematics MAT599 Capstone in Applied Mathematics

Elective Requirements (3 units)

Complete three additional units from the following: MAT500 Special Topics MAT590 Research in Applied Mathematics Or Approved CSC or EGR coursework