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2014-2015 NMS Club Information

American Medical Student Association (AMSA) CBU Chapter   Biology Club: To engage biology majors in social and biology-related issues and interests outside of the classroom, including promoting field trips, speakers, etc. Advisor:  Dr. Daniel Szeto   Chemistry Club: To provide chemistry students at CBU with opportunities to connect with those who share similar interests and to gain knowledge within the chemistry field.
Advisor:  Dr. Tom Ferko   Environmental Science: To promote a spirit of unity among students at CBU. To boost awareness about the environment that God has created for us to enjoy.
Advisor:  Dr. Bonjun Koo   Health Science Society: To help prepare students interested in professional health care programs to know what is available and to understand the application process. Advisor:  Dr. Bruce Prins   Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME): A national mathematics honor society. Membership is open to students who have completed at least three college mathematics courses, including at least one semester of calculus, and with an overall average of 3.00 or better. Members must be at least a second semester sophomore and rank in the top 35% of their class. Advisor: Dr. Jim Buchholz   Pre-Dent Club: To actively engage students desiring a career in dentistry by inviting professional dentists and previous CBU graduates, as well as to help students understand the career and application process. Advisor:  Dr. Melissa Antonio   Pre-Med Club:  To prepare interested students in medical programs and to help them to understand the profession, the application process, etc. Advisor:  Dr. Dennis Bideshi   Pre-Pharm Club: To invite interested students to understand the pharmacy programs as well at the career and application process. Advisor:  Dr. Hyun-Woo Park   Pre-Vet Club: To invite students interested in animals and to find out additional information regarding veterinary school. Advisor: Dr. Nate Heyman   Math Club: To inspire and promote the pursuit of knowledge, learning, and wisdom in an academic setting and abroad while building community and leadership. To provide members with resources, informative talks, and community while challenging them intellectually.
Advisor:  Dr. Bradley Thomas   Applied Math Club Advisor:  Professor Kevin Cotton   Statistics Club: Advisor:  Dr. Linn Carothers

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