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Bachelor of Science in Sports Analytics

Forbes magazine described Sports Analytics as a "game changer!" This newly developing field of analytics is rapidly growing and is becoming applicable to every sport. There is a critical need to develop and train high quality, ethical and interdisciplinary individuals with skills in the field of Sports Analytics.

The flood of data being generated in the 21st Century requires scientists who apply mathematics and computer science techniques under a wide variety of names, often prefixed by SPORTS and then followed by: statisticians, actuaries, scientific programmers, system engineers or systems analysts, epidemiologists, reliability and quality assurance engineers, operation researchers, and research consultants. Working with innovative technical skills and mathematical talent, applications of their work span every field of human sport endeavor including emergent fields in natural, physical and health-related sciences, computer and information technology, weather, environmental quality, education, engineering, quantitative management, insurance and financial.

It's not unlikely that today's interdisciplinary statistician's research will contribute to dozens of fields in the scope of their careers. Emerging interdisciplinary fields may include: Bioinformatics, Climatology, Computer Visualization and Animation, Data Mining, Economics, Ecology, Epidemiology, and Environmental Issues, Financial Systems and Engineering Marketing, and even Nanotechnology.

Sports Analytics (40-50 units) BS

Lower Division Requirements

Choose one of the following courses:

Upper Division Requirements

STA360   Data Visualization STA362   Advanced Statistical Computing STA364   Applied Statistical Methodology STA460   Sports Analytics Seminar STA491   Sports Analytics Internship (2 units) *these classes are new to this major and not built yet.  

Concentration Courses (12-22 units)

Students must complete all of the requirements in one of the following concentrations:
  • Sports Performance Analytics (12 units)
  • Quantitative Sport Business (22 units)
  • Rehabilitative Sports Analytics (19 uits)

Sports Performance Analytics (12 units)

Choose one of the following courses:

STA462   Measurement and Evaluation  

Quantitative Sport Business (22 units)

Rehabilitative Sports Analytics (19 units)

STA462   Measurement and Evaluation

Choose one of the following courses: