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Fall 2016

November 26
Inland Empire's High School Spanish Spelling Bee

December 3
Omega Phi's Initiation Ceremony


Fall 2014

September 16
1st Omega Phi meeting of the semester, we will celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

October 14
2nd Omega Phi meeting. We will do a book sale to raise money for scholarships and gifts for families of migrant workers.  

November 14
Celebrate the 95th birthday of the founding of Sigma Delta Pi on November 14, 1919. Initiation Ceremony for new Honorary Members.

December 13
We will take Christmas Gifts to families of migrant workers on the Central Coast in California.

January 20
3rd Omega Phi meeting: We will call high schools in the area to prepare for the Spanish Spelling Bee Contest.

February 11
Noche cultural. We will help organize this event in conjunction with the Spanish Club to celebrate Valentine's Day.

March 17
4th Omega Phi meeting. We will organize the event for the High School Spanish Spelling Bee Contest.

April 25
Spanish Spelling Bee Contest. Innovators Auditorium at 10:00 am.