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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Major prepares students for careers in a variety of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, and for graduate study in related fields.


Criminal Justice Major (42 units) BS

Lower Division Requirements

CJS 113 Introduction to Criminal Justice

POL 213 American Government

POL 223 State and Local Government

Upper Division Requirements

CJS 301 Fundamentals of Criminal Law

CJS 321 Courts and Criminal Procedure

CJS 331 Police Systems and Practices

CJS 341 Minorities in the Criminal Justice System

CJS 485 Methods of Research for Criminal Justice

CJS 496 Institutional and Community Corrections

CJS 499 Senior Project

POL 485 Constitutional Law II

Upper Division Elective Requirements

Nine (9) units from the following:

CJS 400 Special Topics in Criminal Justice

CJS 401 Crime and Delinquency

CJS 402 Hate Crime

CJS 441 Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation and Report Writing

CJS 497 Comparative Criminal Justice

Student Learning Outcomes

PSO #1
Criminal Justice majors should understand basic criminal justice research concepts and procedures as they are employed in the analysis of criminal behavior and in policy formation.

PSO #2
Criminal Justice majors should be knowledgeable of the basic concepts of the American and California criminal justice systems.

PSO #3
Criminal Justice majors should be able to demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills.

PSO #4
Criminal Justice majors should be able to able to analyze the major issues concerning the components of the criminal justice system: courts, law enforcement, and corrections.

PSO #5
Criminal Justice majors should be able to demonstrate in written and oral form engagement in a personal faith-pilgrimage which enables the integration of faith and reason, the development of value-based character, and a commitment to the service of God and human culture.

Program Requirements

Complete the following 42 units

Lower Division Requirements

Upper Division Requirements

Upper Division Elective Requirements