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Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that helps prepare students to work with for-profit and non-profit organizations, government agencies, or ministries that have a global footprint. In addition to completing an interdisciplinary core, International Studies majors will select a discipline-specific concentration and satisfy a cross-cultural experience requirement.

Cross Cultural Experience Requirement

Students may satisfy the Cross Cultural Experience Requirement with a semester long education and/or ministry experience in a foreign country or International Service Projects in two different countries. The chair of the Department of History and Government must approve all cross cultural experiences used by students to meet this requirement.  

General Education Requirement

Complete the foreign language competency requirement with a modern foreign language.

Traditional Program Requirements

Lower Division Requirements

Upper Division Requirements

Concentration Courses

Students must complete all requirements in one of the following concentrations:

  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • Global Ministry

International Business (12 units)

International Relations (12 units)

Global Ministry (12 units)