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Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Systems

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Unmanned Systems (57 units)

The Aviation Unmanned Systems major at CBU is designed for those who desire to operate unmanned systems commercially.  Whether referred to as drones, unmanned systems, UAS, or UAVs, these remotely piloted aircraft require an operator with specialized aviation knowledge and skills, as well as experience in the operation of unmanned systems.  Today's savvy UAS operator also has a flight background in manned aircraft. 

Forecasts predict that UAS spending will almost double over the next decade, from $6.6 billion to $11.4 billion on an annual basis, with the entire UAS segment expected to generate $89 billion in the next 10 years.  Much of this growth is projected to occur in the defense sector.  Today the Department of Defense operates more than 7,000 UAS.  Civilians are employed as defense contractors with firms operating UAS in support of military efforts.  Additionally, the commercial application of UAS is expected to experience significant growth.  Applications include wildfire mapping, agricultural monitoring, disaster management, power line surveys, law enforcement, telecommunications, weather monitoring, aerial imaging/mapping, television news coverage, sporting events, moviemaking, environmental monitoring, wilderness protection, oil and gas exploration, freight transport.

At CBU, student majoring Aviation Unmanned Systems will become instrument-rated commercial pilots.  Flight labs are part of the major.  Additionally, students will complete courses in engineering design, circuit theory, and video fundamentals, in addition to UAS specific courses in flight simulation, design and applications, and operations and mission planning.  This is a comprehensive degree program preparing students to successfully enter the unmanned systems industry.


Lower Division Requirements

FLT118 Private Pilot Lab

UAS115 Introduction to UAS

UAS215 UAS Flight Simulation Lab

Upper Division Requirements

UAS315 UAS Designs and Applications

UAS415 UAS Operations and Mission Planning

UAS495 UAS Capstone