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Missionary Aviation Minor

For students desiring to become a missionary pilot, the Missionary Aviation endorsement is available. This endorsement requires Aviation Flight students to complete an additional 21 units in courses such as Global Perspectives, Mission Aviation, and Bible studies. Aviation Flight graduates with a Missionary Aviation endorsement will be prepared to join a Missionary Aviation organization with some additional hours (typically 400 total). Generally, you can expect to graduate from CBU's Aviation Science program as an Aviation Flight major with around 200-230 total hours of flight time. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to pursue their Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) rating. There are a number of programs locally and nationwide that will enable a student to achieve their A&P in one or two years. Due to the remote places in which missionary pilots are called to operate in, having the ability to make aircraft repairs in the field is crucial.

Potential career paths for Aviation Flight students with a Missionary Aviation endorsement include, in addition to those available to Aviation Flight students:

  • Missionary Pilot
  • Non-governmental organization Pilot
  • Flight Instructor

Program Requirements

Students of any major may choose to pursue the Missionary Aviation minor.  The minor is optional and requires an additional 21 units.  Several of these courses may fulfill General Education requirements; thus, students are urged to plan ahead to avoid completing more units than necessary for the degree.  

Lower Division Requirements

Upper Division Requirements

Six (6) additional units from the following: