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Aviation Management Minor

Aviation Management Minor

For those students choosing to major in another academic field, but interested in learning more about the dynamic aviation industry, the Aviation Management minor may be an excellent choice! This minor pairs especially well with majors such as Accounting, Business Administration, Construction Management, Engineering, Marketing, and Public Relations; although all majors are welcome. By completing the Aviation Management minor, and depending on the student's major, a position such as Revenue Director, Director of Marketing, Director of Construction, Senior Director of Planning and Development, or Engineer at an airport are very real possibilities. Keep in mind that public-use airports are typically owned and operated by local municipalities and offer stable employment, a generous benefits package, and competitive salaries.

Similar to most minors at CBU, the Aviation Management minor requires 18 units and will provide students with a solid foundation for the aviation industry. 

Lower Division Requirements

Complete twelve (12) units from the following: