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Journalism and New Media Minor

Journalism & New Media Minor (24 units)

Lower Division Requirement

JRN 170 Introduction to Journalism

Lower Division Publication Requirements

Six (6) units from the following:

JRN 212 Yearbook Production

JRN 215 Newspaper Production

Upper Division Requirements

Nine (9) units from the following:

COM 300 Public Relations

COM 400 Special Topics Communication Arts

JRN 310 Photojournalism

JRN 320 Ethics in Public Relations and Journalism

JRN 350 Magazine Article Writing

JRN 400 Special Topics in Journalism

JRN 410 Advanced Photojournalism

JRN 450 Journalism Internship

Upper Division Publication Requirements

Six (6) Total Units from the following:

JRN 412 Advanced Yearbook Production

JRN 415 Advanced Newspaper Production

Lower Division Requirements

Upper Division Requirements

Upper Division Elective Requirement

Complete three (3) units from the following: