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Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

The Public Relations major seeks to develop students' skills in professional-level public relations work, including social media, media relations, event planning, campaigns for non-profits and businesses, PR strategies, and public relations writing. The Public Relations program at California Baptist University provides exemplary leadership, education and scholarship to foster PR's unique role and responsibilities to develop and maintain relationships through effective communication and actions to support the organization, community and church in a democratic society. PR majors gain an understanding of the contribution and responsibility of public relations/communication in organizations in both the private and public sectors. The scope of this effort includes working in non-profit organizations, corporations, government and media organizations, both domestically and internationally. The importance of ethics, branding and social media are also stressed.




Public Relations Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the principles of journalistic industry standards in publication layout and design.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the components of social media strategy.
  3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the components of a various journalistic stories and styles.
  4. Students will demonstrate understanding of the impact of the press on society.
  5. Students will display knowledge of AP style and journalistic reporting and writing to industry standards.
  6. Students will demonstrate knowledge of PR organizational structure, workflow and practice.
  7. Students will demonstrate an understanding of public relations strategy and campaigns.
  8. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the principles of podcasting and broadcasting.
  9. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the field of public relations and the various components that make up PR forms of communication.
  10. Students will demonstrate an understanding of Public Relations role in society.
  11. Students will demonstrate knowledge of various multimedia platforms for publication production.
  12. Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical and legal aspects of media.
  13. Students will write stories for publication across multiple platforms and industries.
  14. Students will demonstrate an understanding of faith-based PR writing and communication.

Public Relations Minor

CBU students can choose to minor in Public Relations, developing their oral and written communication skills as they learn to work on campaigns, branding and internal and external communications. This course provides marketable skills as students learn to create public relations materials including a press kit with brochures, flyers and web communications including including social media.


Public Relations Major (36 Units)

Lower Division Requirements (9 Units):

JRN 170 Introduction to Journalism
COM 113 Oral Communication
JRN 220 Principles of Podcasting and Broadcasting

Upper Division Requirements (18 Units):

COM 300 Public Relations
JRN 320 Ethics in Public Relations and Journalism
JRN 371 Applied Journalism Production
MKT 333 Principles of Marketing
COM 425 Organizational Communication
JRN 420 Public Relations Writings, Campaigns & Strategies

Electives (9 distinct units):

JRN 215/415 Newspaper Production
JRN 212/412 Yearbook Production
JRN 253 News Editing and Design
JRN 350 Magazine Writing
JRN 349 Copy Editing
JRN 450/COM 450 Internship (Journalism / Communication)
COM 400 Special Topics in Communication
COM 403 Communication Theory
BUS 356 Business Communication

Program Requirements (36 units)

Complete thirty-six (36) units consisting of lower and upper division courses:

Lower Division Requirements (9 units)

Upper Division Requirements (18 units)

Concentration Courses(12 units)

Students must complete all requirements in one of the following concentrations: 

Integrated Marketing Communication


International Public Relations

Media Relations and Writing

New Media

Strategic Communication and Planning