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Databases A-Z
The complete listing of all databases. (Tip: OneSearch is a great place to start for many research topics.)

Databases by Subject
These lists will help you identify the best databases to use for topics within a particular discipline.

General Subject Databases
These databases cover all academic disciplines.

Reference Databases
These databases provide a wide variety of information from sources such as online encyclopedias and dictionaries. Many of these can serve as an excellent starting point for your research.

News Article Databases
Use these to find newspaper articles, broadcast transcripts, wire service stories, etc.

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Not finding the book you need? Camino is a fast and easy way to get books from beyond our own collections: #BKLS
2 days ago

The Christian Periodical Index is a great tool when you're asking "What have Christians written about X?" #BKLS
3 days ago

Our is an e-book on the ebrary platform about the role of Canada's army in World War I.…
3 days ago

We our students. Tag a friend and tell us why you love the #cbulibrary.…
5 days ago