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Dr. D. E. Wallace The Wallace Christian Studies Collection comprises a personal collection of more than 2,400 volumes ofhistorical and theological materials given to California Baptist College in remembrance of Dr. D. E. Wallace, former Professor of Bible and Religious Education. In 1958, the CBC Banner newspaper called Dr. Wallace's collection "the largest evangelism library in the world." Covering the history of Protestant Evangelicalism to the mid-20th century, the Wallace Collection includes works by such influential figures as John Calvin, John Wesley, George Whitfield, Charles Finney, Charles Spurgeon, and Billy Graham, and covers topics such as evangelism, the Reformation, the Great Awakening, Sunday School instruction, Biblical studies and Christian living.

The Wallace Collection is a closed collection. You are welcome to search the collection in our catalog. To request an item from the collection, current students, faculty and staff can either place a hold in the catalog or simply ask at the front desk for us to retrieve it.

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