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schools-colleges-collapsible-cavad.jpg Architecture and Design College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design The College of Architecture, Visual Arts & Design (CAVAD) joins the first-ever architecture program at CBU together with the existing programs in graphic design, fine art and film. By embracing the entire spectrum of design-oriented disciplines, all CAVAD students will experience our interdisciplinary approach to learning that offers unique and unlimited opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, and most importantly, a deep and well-rounded education. And building on this broad foundation, CAVAD will soon include web design, mobile design, photography, expanded film production and other new media to ensure our students continue to receive the most innovative and comprehensive education. Visit the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design »
schools-colleges-artsci-collapsible2.jpg Arts & Sciences College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences comprises five departments that reflect and promote studies in and personal pursuit of the finest in human artistic, intellectual, scientific and spiritual achievements. All curricula are aimed at enriching the lives of our students by enabling them to grow in sensitivity to themselves, their heritages, and the world around them. /academics/schools-colleges/college-arts-and-sciences/ Visit the College of Arts and Sciences »
schools-colleges-collapsible-engineering.jpg Engineering College of Engineering The Gordon and Jill Bourns College of Engineering at California Baptist University is a top Christian engineering college in California and is growing rapidly in terms of both students and facilities. In our first year, we started work on new labs and classroom space and have received numerous gifts and grants including a grant from the National Science Foundation. In addition to our four areas of study, students and faculty are focusing their research efforts into the following areas: green technologies, rehabilitation technologies and technologies designed to improve life in developing parts of the world. /academics/schools-colleges/college-engineering/ Visit the College of Engineering »
schools-colleges-collapsible-health.jpg Health Science College of Health Science Transforming lives through the health professions is what we are all about and the College of Health Science is a great place to seek out how God will use you to serve others. Our purpose in the College of Health Science is to mentor and train students who have a heart for service. Combining rigorous scientific training with opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ are the hallmarks of our school. /academics/schools-colleges/college-health-science/ Visit the College of Health Science »
schools-colleges-collapsible-behavioral-sciences.jpg Behavioral Sciences School of Behavioral Sciences The School of Behavioral Sciences at California Baptist University is one of the top Christian behavioral science colleges in California and was established for the purpose of providing instruction, courses, degrees and certificate programs in the Behavioral Sciences. The pursuit of accurate historical and contemporary knowledge of the behavioral sciences is coupled with the skills necessary for the direct application of that knowledge in both secular and religious contexts. /academics/schools-colleges/school-behavioral-sciences/ Visit the School of Behavioral Sciences »
schools-colleges-collapsible-business.jpg Business School of Business At CBU's Robert K. Jabs School of Business, we offer cutting-edge undergraduate and graduate business programs that will equip Christian leaders to transform the world for the Kingdom of God. Our programs are created with a distinct global and entrepreneurial mindset. Grounded in traditional business theory and blended with contemporary thought, Judeo-Christian values further enhance CBU business programs, merging a biblical perspective with the global impetus and entrepreneurial practices. Our courses are taught by caring professors who are uniquely academically qualified and boast significant professional experience in management, consulting, and entrepreneurship. As a student, you will enjoy and thrive in an advanced learning environment. /academics/schools-colleges/school-business/ Visit the School of Business »
schools-colleges-collapsible-christian-ministries.jpg Christian Ministries School of Christian Ministries The mission of CBU’s School of Christian Ministries is to train a new generation of Christian leaders who will actively serve Christ and His church. This means that we enthusiastically teach both students who will become pastors, missionaries, ministers, as well as students who want to apply the Christian worldview to other disciplines. We offer a variety of academic programs to accommodate such varied interests and goals. Some programs are designed specifically for those who plan to enter vocational ministry. Others are designed for students who work toward other majors. Many CBU students who select other majors still choose to double-major or minor in one of our programs, taking advantage of the opportunity to grow in their insight into the Bible and Christian worldview, as well as their ability to serve the church and the world. /academics/schools-colleges/school-christian-ministries/ Visit the School of Christian Ministries »
schools-colleges-collapsible-education.jpg Education School of Education Our mission is to prepare professionals of high moral character and ethical behavior to serve throughout the world. Our programs are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of leadership required for professional excellence as teachers, school counselors and school psychologists, early childhood specialists and administrators. Our programs prepare candidates to excel in their career and calling by providing a purposeful balance between theory, research and practice. /academics/schools-colleges/school-education/ Visit the School of Education »
Music_Minor_L3.jpg Music School of Music The Collinsworth School of Music is one of the best music colleges in California because we hold our students to high standards, standards that encourage them to be the very best persons, students and musicians that they can be. /academics/schools-colleges/school-music/ Visit the School of Music »
schools-colleges-collapsible-nursing.jpg Nursing School of Nursing The CBU School of Nursing is one of the best private Christian nursing schools in California. Though the preparation to become a highly qualified nurse is demanding, the practice of nursing is one of the most noble and rewarding callings that an individual can pursue. The need and opportunity for skilled nurses has never been greater. The combination of long-term factors, including a growing elderly population and changes in state and national health care regulations, are driving a demand for nurses that will continue to grow in the years to come. /academics/schools-colleges/school-nursing/ Visit the School of Nursing »
schools-colleges-collapsible-online.jpg Online Learning Online and Professional Studies The division of Online and Professional Studies was established to respond to the very different needs of the “new normal” generation of students – the non-traditional student that balances professional and family responsibilities while advancing their education. Our online and hybrid programs are tailored to meet your needs and give you the 24/7 flexibility expected for 21st century learning. Visit the Online and Professional Studies »